4 Ways Technology Can Help Businesses Manage During COVID-19

If COVID-19 has taught businesses anything, it’s that staying competitive means quick adaptation. Unprecedented changes and an evolving work landscape have brought about new technology innovations that help companies not only survive but thrive in a new environment.

Businesses have rapidly adopted new technology and tech companies are inventing tools at a lightning-fast pace. The combined efforts help employees work more efficiently to keep things moving forward.

If you’re looking for some new tech to assist you as you navigate changes, here are four examples.



Many businesses have adapted to having employees work away from the office. The reasons are many, including:

  • Mandatory lockdowns
  • Employees with children home from school
  • Quarantines when a household member is sick

With many workers set up in a home office, companies have found advantages to remote working. Offices can be smaller, saving on rent and lease expenses. Flexible scheduling can help dedicated employees stay with the company while balancing their personal lives. Many workers prefer to perform their jobs away from the office to save time and money by not commuting and balancing their work and personal lives.

With the advantages of operating outside of a traditional office setting, the future of work may involve more remote employees than ever. Video conferencing is the champion tech tool of remote work. Staff members can meet wherever they are. Unlike emails and conference calls, video conferences allow people to see each other and pick up on nonverbal cues, improving communication.

Your employees may need hardware and software to work remotely. Supplying them with a laptop, printer, tablet, and the apps they use can help them be successful while working outside the office.



Moving your data to the cloud can help you adjust to workplace changes. It allows your employees to access critical information from any location. Whether they are in the office, in the field, or at home, they can use, update, and share data with others, keeping everyone on the same page and avoiding communication gaps.

As the workplace changes, you may find your business scaling rapidly. Cloud migration can help with that – you won’t need to purchase lots of hardware to store information if you upscale, and you won’t have to unload unnecessary equipment if you size down.



During times of upheaval, cybercriminals go to work. It’s a perfect time for them to trip up businesses focusing on immediate crises. A few well-timed false emails about COVID-19 updates or supposed government information can catch people off guard, even those who are alert to possible scams.

Data security is also critical for remote employees. Their home systems need the same protection as the ones in the office since they’re essentially performing the same functions. The first step to data security is training your staff members about fraudulent emails. Your next line of defense is investing in reputable cybersecurity software to protect your systems.

Be sure to follow up with a robust disaster recovery plan before you’re the victim of a cyberattack.



If you work in healthcare, you can already appreciate the usefulness of technology during the pandemic. Telehealth has skyrocketed, allowing sick patients to stay out of hospitals and clinics.

Artificial intelligence has helped medical researchers make connections to diagnose COVID-19 patients better. AI helped identify the lack of smell as a symptom, for example, rather than an anecdotal connection. AI can help healthcare workers by identifying hard-hit areas and funneling equipment and resources there.

AI can help remote-based companies understand market data and customer trends outside of healthcare settings. Your business can also use AI to direct resources to high-demand areas, saving you time and money when your staff and budget may be limited.


Businesses have always faced evolutions in the workplace, but the pandemic has accelerated changes for many. Fortunately, technology is available to help companies and employees navigate the rapid and unprecedented transitions that COVID-19 brought to the world.

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Written by Mikkie Mills


January 12, 2022

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