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Techvera helps your small to medium organization optimize for maximum growth and efficiency using the power of modern technology. Through our extensive IT support services, we manage every piece of technology that makes your business possible.

We want you to focus on your clients and your company, not IT issues.

Based on your company’s specific needs and goals, we’ll help you streamline workflow, improve communication and service, and discover opportunities for growth. Our custom business technology solutions and managed services support productive employees, secure data, reliable networks, and efficient operations.

We don’t want to be just “your IT people”. We focus on becoming an extension of your company – a business partnership that takes you from getting by to getting ahead. We not only understand the technical needs of our clients, but their overall business goals, and design ways to help achieve them.

We don’t win unless you do – and we’re ready to clear away the obstacles to your success.

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You’re busy, and don’t have time to deal with vendors, inefficient processes, or technology issues. Reliability is paramount – you can’t afford for your business to be unavailable to current and potential customers for any length of time.

You’re focused on your company’s growth, operations, and long-term success and don’t want to be bogged down in the minute, everyday details.

Your goal is to protect the company’s financial health. Making smart, informed purchases is important to you, along with gaining a positive return on these investments. Your work helps drive the business growth strategy by measuring and monitoring performance and advising on new ventures.

You want easy access to the information you need to make wise decisions for the company’s future.

Using technology to drive business goals is what you do best. But between putting out day-to-day fires, worrying about security issues, and finding + training new IT staff, it’s often hard to keep up with the changing technology landscape.

You want to focus on high-level tasks that bring revenue and stability to the company, and allow you to utilize your valuable knowledge.

Saying your workday is hectic would be an understatement. Trying to keep both your customers and staff happy is a challenge with little room for error. Being the office jack-of-all-trades means you’re often called upon to handle things that are outside of your job description, including IT needs.

With your high + varied workload and laundry list of responsibilities, you’d like to be able to offload out-of-scope tasks and refocus on supporting your team.

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“Techvera is an amazing company. They are so helpful and significantly streamlined our companies technology side (internet, phone, email, servers, etc.) I would seriously recommend them to any business that is looking for [a] team that is effective at solving problems and bettering your business. Thanks Techvera!”

Jordan FirnRoboKind

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Dove Creek Animal Hospital

“Flat rate IT was attractive because I knew it would elevate our service. Our phones are now VOIP that were installed by Techvera and our Frontier bill was cut in half. Reese and Justin and all the staff at Techvera are so helpful and friendly. If they can’t fix something over the remote they are in our office so quickly. I’m so glad I made the decision to go to this level of service.”

Dr. Lori HillDove Creek Animal Hospital

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Eaton Fine Art

“I like that our IT is always being managed instead of the fix it after it’s broken approach.

Wonderful company! Great employees! Couldn’t be happier with our service.”

Roberta CarterEaton Fine Art

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What can we do for you?

I'm interested in discussing

for my business,

My name is

and you can email me at

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The Ultimate Guide to Managed IT Services for the Modern Business

The Ultimate Guide to Managed IT Services for the Modern Business

These days, you’re expected to be connected 24/7. Now an issue with your computer, email, or network can have an exponential impact on your business. Time is our most valuable resource – and it’s too precious to allow your businesses to operate in a reactive mode.

Fixing problems after they’ve caused downtime simply isn’t good enough nowadays. We realized it was time to adapt. Our clients needed and expected more. So, we decided to take a more logical approach to IT support.

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How Much Should a Company Spend on IT?

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This can make it difficult to determine how to allocate your business’ technology funds. Many owners make the mistake of using the same IT budgeting model every year, without considering changing company needs and technological advancements that could benefit them.

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Hiring IT Help – How to Find the Right Fit for Your Business

The unemployment rate is at a historic low, and there are now more open positions than there are job seekers. It’s become tougher than ever to find great talent. Nowhere is that more apparent than in hiring for IT help. It’s a hot industry and talented people are scooped up quickly.

How can you compete? How can you be sure you’re hiring the best fit for your company? And how do you know if you should hire someone in-house or outsource to a 3rd party?

Let’s start with the overall best practices for making a great hire, and then move into how to fill a specifically technical role.