Technology Services & IT Support for the Financial Industry

Efficiency and productivity, workflow, security, data storage, time management, and reliability support for financial businesses.

“Techvera planned, engineered, and maintains all of my company’s business information technology. They provide customized solutions and have a very knowledgeable tech support team. I highly recommend them.”

Deni Ristevski

Ristevski & Associates

How Can Outsourced IT Help Your Financial Business?


Efficiency & Productivity

When you and your staff know what’s being worked on, by who, and how each task supports the team, the business flourishes. This can be difficult to accomplish in a hectic financial office without the right resources. Advanced collaboration tools promote better-connected and higher-performing companies.


It only takes a few minutes for your entire business to be compromised in a cyberattack. For financial companies that are trusted with hundreds of sensitive customer records, the effects can be devastating. Industry-leading security and monitoring protects every layer of your firm and its data to prevent breaches and lost client trust.


Imagine everyone in your office having the tools and information they need, when they need them, from anywhere they happen to be. Make it effortless for your team to stay on track, productive, and accurate with the right technology.


Your business is dependent on technology. When critical programs and devices aren’t working, operations quickly come to a halt. This isn’t acceptable for a busy, growing financial firm. These troubles become a thing of the past through proactive technology management.

Data Storage

Financial firms produce and rely on a lot of data. Client files need to be retained for upwards of five years; not to mention organized well and protected against data breaches. Scalable, secure digital data solutions are the answer.

Time Management

Trying to find someone to fix problems (or even doing it yourself) wastes hours that could be spent helping your clients and building the firm. Reclaim your time to focus only on strategic, profitable work.

Managing a financial company is tough.
Let’s make it a little easier.


As a financial professional, you have a lot to focus on. Attracting and retaining clients, protecting and storing business data, staying productive and accurate, investing in and learning new software, staying up to date on the latest codes and reforms, and planning for the future. Getting behind could mean a data breach and lost client information, falling outside of compliance regulations, or losing customers to another firm with more impressive offerings.

It’s hard to stay up to date, and there are always new pieces of technology coming out and guides to follow. Outsourcing your technology needs is one great way to keep ahead of the competition and regain your time. We can help prevent IT issues, reduce stress, shrink your manual workload, free up resources to work on strategy, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of your team’s work.


“Techvera continues to be AMAZING at helping our new company, CurePay out with all our IT needs. The entire team is super friendly and respond ASAP to all work tickets and matters. Great Job Techvera!! :)”

Lauren Divers

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