Why Your Business Should Invest in Advanced IT Security

Cybersecurity is essential today, there is no arguing that. However, many business owners fail to understand the true importance of it before it’s too late. So, they end up with massive losses due to a data breach. And the worst thing about this is that the breach could have been avoided if they had only put more thought into advanced security measures.

You have many ways to increase your business’ cybersecurity. Starting with network firewalls to email encryption, you can protect every part of your digital business. Advanced IT security solutions can take your protection a step further, offering more comprehensive coverage. However, you’ll need to make a more significant investment in order to get top-of-the-line protections. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider all available advanced security options as well as their individual strengths and weaknesses. This way, you’ll be able to calculate the best cost-to-value ratio.



According to Forbes, on average, the cost of a single data breach is $3.68 million. Also, the projected cost of cybercrime for the world as a whole might reach $10.5 trillion a year by 2025!

So, the first and foremost benefit of investing in advanced security is protecting your business from potentially crushing losses. Being prepared is everything in today’s world, and it’s even more vital when it comes to hacking attacks. Because when that disaster strikes, you will have little chance to recover the money. Moreover, you won’t be able to save your company’s reputation.

In addition, bear in mind that users affected by your system’s security breach might go to court. E-commerce businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Therefore, they must take every possible precaution and invest in the best available security.

Also, you should consider that IT security solutions can be used not only to protect your system from hackers. There are also tools for fraud detection that can help your business save millions in the long run.

Another significant benefit of installing advanced IT security solutions is the value of this message for marketing. Same as cloud technology benefits your business by enabling you to offer better services to customers, advanced security appeals to them by guaranteeing their safety.

Therefore, you should use this information as an opportunity to show customers you care about their safety. Also, placing multiple security certificates on your website will boost credibility and help raise brand awareness.

From the business point of view, you also need to understand that advanced security reduces the risk of downtime. For example, imagine how much your business will lose if your website goes down during Black Friday. Preventing that alone makes advanced security a worthy investment.



Today there are so many high-quality IT security solutions on the market that even small businesses can afford a top-notch defense. You should start by investing in a comprehensive solution, like Kali Linux or Metasploit. They will allow you to analyze the entire system for weaknesses and manage security evaluations. Other tools to use for improving your security include but aren’t limited to Nmap, KisMAC, Nikto, and Netstumbler.

However, in order to set up an advanced IT security system, you should employ the services of professionals. The best choice is to create a custom security system for your business. As it’s tailored to your needs, it will offer the highest level of protection. Note that reliable developers might help you create an affordable plan that will combine free and paid tools.

Also, keep an eye out for AI developments in cybersecurity. The implementation of AI technologies allows automating many processes and making them more affordable. After all, nothing can compare to a machine’s power to identify anomalies and vulnerabilities fast.

AI-based cybersecurity solutions are developing fast at the moment. Therefore, the industry is changing rapidly. Be sure to watch out for the latest news there to see how you can use AI to benefit your business’ digital defenses.

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Written by Abhishek Jain

Abhishek Jain is a seasoned leader with 25+ years of business transformation expertise, digital marketing, and technology solutions for the US and global marketplaces. He is the MarTech Advisor, Sales/Technology and Product Consultant of Devtorium, a SaaS company enabled by development, marketing, and design solutions to help businesses realize and benefit in a rapidly changing tech world.

February 4, 2022

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