How Cloud Technology Can Enhance Your Online Experience

When you check your email, stream a video, or view a website, you access cloud technology – a group of worldwide interconnected data servers, software, and equipment. Cloud technology has been expanding and improving over the past few decades.

As cloud security concerns reduce, the days of people being afraid to put their data on the cloud are gone. People want speed of access to their data, and cloud computing offers this option. The same demands are in the business world as competition grows to deliver results quicker and more reliably.

Many organizations realize the benefits of hosting cloud technology and enhancing the customer experience.



For many years, businesses would house their hardware and software platforms in-house in expensive data centers on-premise for security and control purposes. There was a high cost of rent and other services to support the significant data center presence, such as HVAC and power. The company passed these costs to their clients.

Organizations now lease a portion of a hosted and secure data center presence through another company with reduced maintenance costs with cloud technology. With less technology to watch after, an organization can reduce the size of its technology staff. Training costs are reduced by relying upon an outside firm to host the organization’s technology needs. Cloud hosting organizations like Workiva offer clients many valuable services for sharing data, speed of access, and overall service reliability.



If you can access the internet, you can access the cloud. Most people have a smartphone with access to the internet. They can quickly access their email, text messages, social media, or other data that will drive their immediate decisions. As companies move toward having their workforce scattered across the globe, access anytime and from anywhere is a significant advantage. Wherever a person can gain online access, they can utilize cloud technology. They no longer have to be in the company offices to perform their work tasks.

For organizations dependent on visiting client sites, such as sales presentations, this presents immediate access to required data. The presentations will be dependent upon the data that has been uploaded and made available. In a secure cloud technology setup, important legal documents can be uploaded to the cloud and not transmitted through email or other vulnerable methods. Cloud technology also allows signing all documents securely without any paper required or all parties in the same room.



With cloud technology, an organization can pay for what is needed and when it is required. The organization wants to pay for the tools the workforce needs without overpaying for the tools. An organization can set up a private cloud space, a public space, or a combination of both types. Each organizations’ demands can be met via advancements in cloud technology.

Many organizations utilize software as a service on the cloud. The software as a service solution offers large and small companies the flexibility to pay for what is needed and productivity software or other needs. Small companies that are just starting up can utilize software as a service to cover the lack of financial resources to install larger software platforms and avoid paying for the hardware and other infrastructure costs. As personnel comes and go, the software licensing changes can be made easily via cloud software access.

Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service are two other cloud offerings. When managed by a hosting organization with trained support staff, the client can focus on their business and utilize the tools. An example would be a company hosting their website elsewhere but still managing the site.


Cloud technology offers many exciting options. There are many items to review to understand what is suitable for your situation when evaluating cloud technology benefits. For more information on how cloud technology can enhance your online experience, reference the following website.

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Written by Mikkie Mills


December 8, 2021

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