What is Co-Managed IT and How Can It Help Your Business?

With IT becoming an integral part of business strategy, SMBs are always at the risk of stretching their in-house resources too thin. If your IT team isn’t aligning with the scalability of your business, you should adopt a co-managed IT model.



Co-managed IT is a hybrid mode of operation where you outsource a part of your IT services to a third-party MSP while keeping the in-house team focused on other areas. An expert managed IT services provider collaborates with your in-house tech team to engineer solutions and upgrade customer experience.

While independent MSPs bring the experience, infrastructure, and flexibility, the in-house team possesses knowledge of internal strategies and SOPs. You can choose the resources you need, allocate the tasks according to the requirements and free up resources to focus on more pressing issues. This way, you get the best of both worlds.



Your business is poised for co-managed IT when…

Your in-house team is overburdened

Most SMBs have small IT teams that can be easily overwhelmed with new challenges. When you’re trying to scale quickly, the internal team should be prepared to face new frontiers.

Your in-house team is lacking the resources

While dealing with diverse projects and rapid development, your IT team should be on top of their game. However, there can be a huge knowledge or skill gap, and constantly training teams can take up months of resources.

You’re pivoting toward a new direction

Small companies often need to redefine their goals and business operations to stay relevant in a highly volatile market. When you want to pivot towards a new direction such as digital transformation, you need the expertise of a third party.

Your IT costs are off the charts

SMBs need to be in total control of their cash flow and IT costs. If internal investments aren’t yielding desired results, you might need to opt for co-managed IT to reduce costs.



Upgrading to a co-managed IT or Co-MIT model gives you critical advantages over your peers.

Enterprise-grade solutions

MSPs offer experienced and knowledgeable professionals who’ve been in the business for decades. You not only receive state-of-the-art solutions often enjoyed by enterprises but also the peace of mind that comes with them.

Better control over costs

Since you get to cherry-pick the services you need, you have more control over the costs. You can customize your co-managed IT to suit your business and not pay for things you don’t need.

24/7 services

High-quality remote solutions such as 24/7 monitoring not only improve your security but also help to mitigate the impacts of employee leaves.

Opening up new avenues

Co-managed IT gives you the freedom to explore new avenues since you’re not stuck with day-to-day tasks. With the better utilization of resources, you enjoy better success.


Hiring a third-party managed IT provider to set up Co-MIT can be a challenging task. You need professionals who understand the needs of SMBs and who’ll seamlessly work with your team and find effective solutions quickly. Take the time to research and pick the perfect fit for you!


Co-Managed IT Guide

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Written by Tim Tiller

Tim Tiller is the CEO of MyTek, a managed IT services firm, and a technology thought leader.

May 12, 2021

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