The Next Chapter for Geek on Wheels

Geek on Wheels is excited to announce the coming of a new chapter for our business.

When we were first founded in 2001, the name “Geek on Wheels” was very appropriate – we were a small mobile break-fix operation that came to you to solve computer troubles as they occurred.

After expanding over 15 years and watching technology develop, we have seen the benefit in proactive as opposed to reactive support and repair and are shifting both our business model and focus to this new, improved method. Instead of waiting for problems to crop up and interrupt your day (aka the “firefighting method”), the technology exists now to let us detect and prevent issues before they become disruptive making computer maintenance and support easier and more efficient for both companies and end-users.

To reflect this transition and a new approach for Geek on Wheels, we are proud to announce that as of Monday, May 2nd, 2016 we will officially be changing from “Geek on Wheels” to “Techvera”!



For our business-level clients, some are already familiar with our comprehensive flat-rate IT packages. Our specialization in turn-key business support has allowed us to segue into total organizational IT service, providing proactive maintenance, alerts, updates, repairs, new technology deployment, and all other IT needs covered under one monthly rate.

Our clients have expressed what a change it has made in their companies to finally not have to worry about unexpected IT emergencies eating away at profits and productivity, and to have a predictable budget that allows more flexibility in other departments.

Businesses shouldn’t have to constantly worry if their technology is running the way it should – from backups to servers, antivirus, databases, failing hardware, and of course much more, there are myriad things keeping companies from focusing on what matters.

We are confident from working with our partnered clients and honing our methods that businesses will love and truly benefit from this new offering. Read more about what flat-rate IT support/managed service encompasses. We are delighted to show you the immense difference it can make throughout your entire organization!



With these new changes, we realized that the “Geek on Wheels” image was no longer relevant to our transitioning business and values. “Techvera” to us represents “Truth in Technology” (-vera meaning truth in Latin) and as we always strive to bring integrity and clarity into everything we do, this name was the perfect fit.

Our new logo incorporates our initials and resembles a shield, embodying our commitment to complete protection and security for our clients. We wanted to ensure that our core values of Integrity, Compassion, Urgency, and Expertise were apparent throughout our new brand. The powerful, motivating color of red reminds us of our mission to educate, enable, and empower every client.

This transformation has been over a year in the making and we are so excited to share our new brand and vision for the future with you. Thank you for being a Geek on Wheels – and now Techvera – client!

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Written by Lauren Morley

Lauren is the Chief Marketing Officer at Techvera. She travels the country full-time with her husband and dogs. When she isn't coming up with marketing strategies for Techvera, you can find her playing games, exploring nature, or planning her next adventure!

April 8, 2016

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