In Loving Memory of Ryan Latham

It is with terrible sadness that we share the news of our teammate, Ryan Latham’s, passing. Ryan had been with us at Techvera since 2019, and was incredibly valued and appreciated. You could always count on him for a smile and a joke. Even when he was dealing with his own challenges in life, he retained his cheerful attitude.

Our clients were some of his biggest fans. He was constantly praised and racked up more glowing reviews than anyone. He truly loved helping people and would light up at the positive feedback he received. His work ethic, intelligence, sharp sense of humor, and dedication shone through in everything he did.

Ryan was of course beloved by his family and friends, too. His wife and children adored him and found every opportunity they could to make memories together. If you knew Ryan, you knew that his family meant the world to him and that he would do anything to make them happy. Every Friday at our team meetings, he would talk about what he was looking forward to doing with them that weekend with a huge smile on his face.

Our team is devastated and we can’t express how sorry we are to have lost him. He will always be remembered fondly.


Unfortunately with this unexpected tragedy, there was no opportunity to say goodbye. A few members of our team would like to leave their final words here:

What can I say about working with Ryan? He was a rock star here. Kind, empathetic, and had a knack for not only helping clients but making them feel good. That’s a tough thing to accomplish in the IT industry. Loved by our team and partners alike, the reviews left by his clients speak of his kind-hearted nature…

“Ryan was great! He didn’t make me feel any less for not understanding technology.”
“Patient, and worked with me to get everything right. Very nice Guy”
“Ryan is always super helpful and walks me thru the issues to get everything resolved. He’s GREAT! :)”

But that was just the work side of Ryan. What meant the world to him was his family. His boys, Gabrial and Seth Ryan, were his everything. He had recently married the love of his life, Stephani, just last year. Each Friday at our virtual team check-ins he told us about the activities the family had planned for their weekend. Ryan’s face lit up when he spoke about his family. I remember how happy he was to share the news with us that Gabrial’s cancer had gone into remission. He was a kind, loving father that put his family first. It was clear that Ryan was thankful for all his blessings.

As we mourn Ryan’s passing I think it’s important that we remember his spirit. Kind, happy, thankful for everything life had bestowed upon him. A loving father and husband. Patient and cheerful. Hardworking and loving. Never one to waste a moment or focus on the negative. Our lives are better for having had Ryan in them.

It was a privilege to have known you, Ryan. You will be missed dearly.


Reese Ormand

Ryan’s spirit could only be described with one word – jovial. His presence always brought a noticeable lightness to any room, and he only ever had uplifting words for anyone he spoke to. He was a helpful coworker and a reliable friend, but most of all, he was a dedicated father. Ryan and I sat next to each other in the office, and he would often receive calls from his sons. He always spoke to them with a kindness and adoration that I try to emulate in my own life with my son. Even when having to reprimand them for something, he always gave them guidance and ended the conversation with “I love you”. I remember thinking how lucky those boys are to have a father that cares for them like he did. I truly respected that aspect of him.

Ryan was always ready to have a good time, in and out of work. He spent seemingly every free moment of his life cooking out or going to festivals or some other event with his family and friends. He often said catchphrases and buzzwords that when heard later made you think of him, no matter who said them. When asked how he was doing, his response was always “OUTSTANDING”. When he figured out a tough problem, he would exclaim “Jala-pena!”

Most recently, he adopted a catchphrase from Wayne’s World that he would end meetings with, and so I think it is only fitting to memorialize with the same saying –

Party on, Ryan. I am going to miss you.

Your friend always,



You were the embodiment of an awesome person. A great father and family member, a loving and devoted husband, and a model team member. I always enjoyed chatting with you, you’d put a smile on my face with your positive attitude and trading of silly gifs. Reading the client reviews that would come in for you was a favorite of mine at work. Everyone who came in contact with you thought you were awesome, your family most of all. I always thought it was so incredibly sweet how you would talk about Stephani and your boys. The love and appreciation you had for them was obvious. I remember being shocked when you shared that your son had cancer. You gave no indication at work that anything of that caliber was happening in your life. I don’t think I would have been able to function if I was in your shoes, but you were so strong and brave for your family.

It truly isn’t fair that you’re gone. I can only hope that you’re able to see the outpouring of admiration and grief that’s come after your passing. I hope that you left this world knowing that you were so loved, appreciated, and cared for. I hope you know that everyone will ensure your family is taken care of. And I hope we get to meet again someday and trade goofy quips.

I’ll miss you.



If you would like to help support Ryan’s family during this time, donations can be made here:

Ryan Latham Memorial Fund

Meal Train for Stephani Latham

In lieu of flowers or gifts, the family would appreciate donations to the Ronald McDonald house.

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Written by Lauren Morley

Lauren is the Chief Marketing Officer at Techvera. She travels the country full-time with her husband and dogs. When she isn't coming up with marketing strategies for Techvera, you can find her playing games, exploring nature, or planning her next adventure!

August 23, 2021

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