Technology That Improves Your Marketing and Sales

The market has gone digital and companies are working hard to keep up with their customers. Between social media posts, competitive email campaigns and the wave of content marketing on Google results pages, big and small brands alike are upping their game to reach and convert leads.

But it doesn’t have to feel like hard work to increase your customer base and grow your business. In fact, there are countless tech products out there that can make building your brand easy. Let’s take a look at just a few of the solutions that can improve your marketing and sales processes.



Everyone has seen and maybe even used a chatbot before. They’ve been around for a while, but that doesn’t make them any less helpful. Chatbots can provide immediate customer service by answering popular questions and directing customers to different pages on your website. This helps you better address your customer’s needs and build trust in your brand as they work through the stages of your sales funnel.

Some people, however, are not thrilled about speaking to a robot. They want to have a conversation instead of just clicking on listed questions and receiving canned answers. This is where your business can use conversational AI to bridge the gap without adding to your budget. Conversational AI is a chatbot that can speak with customers just like a person would, except you don’t have to pay it a salary. It adds a more personal touch to your chatbot experience.



A sales pipeline is an incredibly efficient and helpful way for your sales team to approach lead management. You can set one up through your sales software so it reflects each stage of the customer journey as it relates to your specific sales funnel. This makes it easier to track where leads are entering your funnel, how long they stay at each stage and what actions help move them closer to a sale. A sales pipeline also helps you qualify leads quicker and with better accuracy. When your sales team knows which leads are most likely to convert into customers, they can spend their energy on nurturing that potential customer instead of wasting time on people who aren’t really looking to purchase anything. This helps to boost your conversion rates and your profits over time.



Marketing emails are a great way to connect with leads and nurture them through your sales process. It’s an opportunity to get personal and speak directly to their needs while also highlighting your product and services. But as your contact list grows, remembering which emails go to which people and when to send them can get confusing for your marketing team. Enter automated emails.

Plenty of customer relationship management (CRM) programs offer some type of automated email service. They allow you to automatically enroll contacts in a nurture series based on which CTA they responded to, and they manage sending each email and tracking engagement over the entire series. This frees up your marketers to focus on other aspects of your overall strategy while leads are developed in the background.



Analytics is perhaps the best marketing technology to utilize in your business. It allows you to take pulse checks of your business and measure where your strengths and weaknesses are. The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to pay for a program to access this information.

Google Analytics is a great resource for businesses listed with Google to see their website traffic, measure performance, and track click-throughs (if you have that feature set up on your site). This data shows you if you’re meeting your key performance indicator (KPI) goals or if you need to shore up some of your efforts with more sophisticated tools and strategies.


There’s a big world full of technology that can improve your sales and marketing strategies, help you convert more customers, and boost your bottom line.

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Written by Mikkie Mills


May 2, 2022

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