Backup continuity disaster recovery

Backup, Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Shield your business from the unexpected.

The biggest risk a company faces is not preparing for a disaster.

Never Lose Your Data

Data is continuously backed up and saved to multiple places, with unlimited scalability. Even the most recent file changes are available at a moment’s notice, with no storage limitations as your company and its data grows.

Accurate and Reliable Backups

Unlike many providers, we perform regular testing and monitoring of backups for completeness and accuracy. Backups will always be thorough and accurate – no losing weeks or months of work if a recovery is needed.

Be Prepared for Anything

We’ll put together and test a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan to get your company back up and running in hours – not days – in the event of an emergency. Eliminate fear that a disaster or cyberattack will keep you from doing business or providing for your customers.

The Best in Data Security

Your data and systems are guarded by the most advanced security measures available. Your data will be safe and secure, protected by industry-leading technology to prevent breaches and uphold your company’s reputation.

Cloud and mobility

Your Partner For a Better Business

Save, preserve, and protect what matters.

Get back up and running quickly

Go beyond the basics – it’s not enough anymore to simply back data up to a hard drive. In the event of an emergency, you also need everything to be restored as quickly as possible to be able to get back to business.


Always be ready for business

Disasters don’t show up when it’s convenient and you can afford for some downtime. Develop a business continuity plan now before you need it! Whether you’re faced with an issue small or large, you’ll be ready for anything and won’t lose money and clients while your business is recovering.


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“Techvera has provided our IT support and service for 20 years or more – well before their name change. They are very responsive and helpful and keep us up and running which allows us to focus on what we do best. Very appreciative of their great service!”

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“We know we can rely on Techvera to get the job done better than we even expect. These guys think of things to proactively address before we realize that there might be an issue. When actual issues do arrive, they are available nearly 24/7 and they get it done right! Very impressive outfit.”

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