Case Study

Burrows Law Group

How this flourishing law firm gained back time and re-focused on core business by taking advantage of fully managed, outsourced IT support.

Compay Name: Burrows Law Firm
Location: Flower Mound, Texas

Burrows Law Group is a full-service law firm located in Highland Village, Texas, offering legal services multiple areas of law, including family law, estate planning and small business formation & representation.

The History of Burrows Law Group

In 2005, Dale A. Burrows founded the Law Office of Dale A. Burrows, P.C. in Coppell, TX. In 2013 the Law Office of Dale A. Burrows, P.C. moved to Highland Village, TX. In December of 2016 Dale A. Burrows retired as the owner of the firm. Adam Burrows, the son and Associate Attorney of Dale A. Burrows, became the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Law Office of Dale A. Burrows, P.C. In January the following year, Adam Burrows along with his Chief Financial Officer, Jessica Burrows rebranded the firm and thus Burrows Law Group was born. The firm has remained in Highland Village, Denton County, Texas ever since.

How They Serve the Community

Burrows Law Group provides family law, estate planning, and probate. They help the family in every phase of life from adoptions/adjudication of parentage at birth, through the rigors of a difficult divorce, to planning for the future of children/grandchildren, through the probate process at death. The most common need they assist with is usually regarding child custody and divorce.

Burrows at Law

“Working with a managed IT service provider gives me something more valuable than money and that is time. It allows me the opportunity to focus on things that are better served to help the firm with my skillset and expertise.”

Adam Burrows

CEO & President, Burrows Law Group

The Challenge

As the clientele for Burrows Law Group became more numerous and they began to hire more and more staff, Adam Burrows knew that if they were to grow any further they would need a solid infrastructure, and that starts with IT. They began to ask around to other firms to find the right fit and the same name kept coming up – Techvera.

The Solution

Working with the Burrows Law Group team, Techvera proposed a fully-managed IT support solution. This included ongoing technology management, troubleshooting, maintenance, and future planning. Burrows Law relies on their technology and data systems being always up and available. So we designed cloud, backup and disaster recovery, business continuity, and proactive maintenance systems to support their growing company.


The Results

Adam and Jessica Burrows noted that day to day operations “have become easier. We get to focus on running our business not keeping our business up and running…which is a big difference. Knowing that Techvera is just an email ticket / phone call away from solving any issues with our computer systems, telephones, servers, etc…helps me concentrate on providing good legal work without worry.”

The Burrows Law team can now focus on helping their customers and providing great legal service, without any IT interruptions.


Flexibility and mobility increased across the organization.



Regular updates, maintenance, upgrades, and monitoring boosted security and peace of mind.



COVID-19 causes a shift to remote work

When COVID hit in 2020, it shook the business world. Being prepared to quickly shift into remote and mobile work was valuable to the team at Burrows Law Group.

Adam shared, “I now realize how much easier working remotely can be because of the help from Techvera. If we did not have Techvera when the pandemic hit this year, I do not think that we would have been able to transition so seamlessly to a remote working environment. We literally were able to shut down the office with over 7 staff members/attorneys on Friday and reopen 100% remotely on the following Monday and we were doing great. It would not have happened without the help of Techvera.”


Time savings, better security, streamlined communication and collaboration, and increased mobility are benefits the team at Burrows Law Group have gained utilizing our managed IT service.

Adam’s thoughts on managed IT support

“Working with a managed IT service provider gives me something more valuable than money and that is time. It allows me the opportunity to focus on things that are better served to help the firm with my skillset and expertise. I leave my firm and now it stays running in the hands of professionals which is their skillset and expertise, and that has been one of the best decisions we have made as a firm since we began back in 2005.”


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