How Technology Can Help You With Your Sales

Providing your sales team with the right tools to do their jobs is important for their success and yours. The latest technology can help them communicate with their clients and your office as well as present data and close deals. There are also options that will protect your database and share it with everyone in your company if they need to access it.

Here is how this technology can help you get orders from your customers.



Although each member of your team is equipped with a laptop to do their work, a tablet can be far easier to manage on the road. With this type of device, they can track their sales pipeline, give presentations to their clients, and organize the documents that they will need to finalize the order. They can also keep up with their emails, allowing them to respond back to their customers immediately as well as your office.

If you choose to go with this option, provide each employee a case to keep it in to protect it as well as a secure network for them to access the servers at your facility.



There are different marketing avenues to choose from to reach your clients. One of the most popular right now is social media. Utilizing this medium allows you to reach demographics that may have been a challenge before for you and your sales staff.

Establish an account on each of these platforms then set up a page for your company. Post bright, colorful photos of your products and your facility to entice customers to your business. Write engaging content to get their attention. Talk with them when they respond to what you say. This will build rapport with them and convince them to give your organization a try.



Your staff needs access to your data even if they are on the road. While you can consider installing a virtual private network, a cloud server can do the same job while protecting your information at an offsite location.

An advantage to storing it in another facility is that, if anything were to happen to your building, it will remain safe and be able to be used by any of your employees who have permission to do so. Research organizations that specialize in this and determine which one has the best option for your business.



A simple tool that has been available for some time is email. With this, your salespeople can talk with clients about their orders and collaborate with each other on projects.

There are also programs that let customers send messages in real-time from your website to your employees. This is especially useful if they need help immediately and want to chat with someone.

Ensure that the software that you prefer to use is installed on the tablets and laptops that you hand out to your staff. Encourage them to answer requests as quickly as possible to keep those who sent them happy with your business.



If you choose to increase the amount of technology that you use in your company, you will need to purchase antivirus and antimalware software to protect it from those who want to steal or corrupt your data. Research which programs have the best security for the applications you will need them for. It should also fit into your budget as well. Take into consideration that it will need to be installed on your staff’s laptops and tablets as well.

If you have a cloud server, ensure that the company you choose to work with has plans in place to take care of the information that you have stored there.


Technology can make the job of your salespeople far easier. From communicating with each other and their clients to retrieving the data they need, this investment can help them better serve your customers and make your company a success.

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Written by Mikkie Mills


October 29, 2021

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