How Small Businesses Can Thrive Via Social Media in a Pandemic Crisis

Many small businesses across the world are facing a scary situation currently due to the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. Although the restrictions imposed by the state governments are lifting gradually and several businesses are beginning to open in many areas. Many business owners are apprehensive about the road ahead as they have struggled with the recession. But you can observe a growing trend among businesses that are boosting their social media presence as they adapt to the new reality.



All the top social media companies have reported a rise in the use of their channels since the coronavirus pandemic began. As social distancing increased many small businesses realized that the key to staying afloat at these times was by increasing their visibility across the social media networks. Many people are using Instagram more frequently for things such as sharing their schedules, reporting stories, and providing support to the community.

In most cases, business owners are connecting more with their consumer base online as you can see a host of customers engaging with them. There is a continuous rise in the number of questions asked, new ideas, and direct messages. You can use social media to keep your community engaged and gain new clients despite the crisis.

There are great opportunities right now to reach a wider audience from all over the world. Make sure to use translation services in order to tailor your messages to international markets. That will improve your brand image and increase the chances for customers to choose your product/service. Direct engagement with customers allows a business owner to incorporate customer feedback into improving products and services.



The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated several trends and being able to communicate through online channels is significant no matter what kind of business you are running. As most consumers are flocking to web and social media channels along with online communities for maintaining a bond and in search of inspiration, the business that can connect with these consumers when it matters are those who will succeed.

Sometimes this can be overwhelming. In that case, select one platform to get started by thinking about where your target audience is spending its time online. Are they more likely to be active on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn? After you have selected the platform that makes sense in terms of the target audience, develop a one-week plan, and commit yourself to follow the plan just for that week. You will find that it is easier than you think. Continuation after the first will gradually become less stressful.

Also, make sure you use the correct social media images by following the social media image sizes given by the platform itself. This will ensure you don’t make content that doesn’t fit the perfect Instagram or Facebook post size or any other social media platforms and become distorted and unprofessional-looking.




All business owners agree to the fact that there is a need to make adjustments due to the pandemic to succeed. However, it is a good idea to try new things without worrying too much and not being obsessed with the adjustments. If you are not able to get it right the first time around do not worry too much. Everyone will be failing, learning, adapting to the new circumstances. The community is also likely to forgive the few bumps and blips on the way.

You can use the accounts on social media that are proven success stories. If you are facing difficulties while brainstorming about what to post, take a look at the other businesses from your field for inspiration and ideas. However, ensure that you are mixing the promotional content with timely and engaging content. No one wishes to follow an account that is full of marketing messages.

For example, if you are working in the dental industry, instead of just promoting your offers, you can give some important health information and use this as a way to promote brand awareness. In the meantime, so these endeavors also translate into your online presence, you can optimize your posts for search engines, and you can do this by leveraging an SEO for dentists strategy. This way, your engaging content will attract new customers, and rank your small business on local directories; fundamental for virtual presence.



The COVID-19 pandemic has led to most small business owners all across the world re-thinking what their products and services can do for the people whose lives have been affected. There is a challenge involved in correlating the shift with the social media content for reflecting the new kind of messaging and yet being sensitive to the various challenges raised due to the pandemic.

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Written by Christian Kruse


January 2, 2021

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