5 Reasons You Need Last-Mile Delivery Software to Tackle Bulk Orders

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, consumers are purchasing most products online, which puts too much pressure on the “last-mile delivery” concept. From food to groceries to medical and other essential products, people are placing orders online, and it is becoming challenging for service providers to meet consumer’s expectations as they have piles of orders on their desks. Hence, many of them are embracing delivery management software to manage bulk orders.

In today’s digital and technology age, customers’ expectations are also increasing and evolving; they are always looking for same-day delivery, real-time tracking, free delivery; these are the terms they often use.

To stand out ahead in this highly competitive world, it is imperative for business owners to adopt digital solutions that make delivery operations efficient and save time.



When you have too many orders on your desk, and each of them is important, how will you process them? How will you assign them to delivery providers? How will you track each delivery and monitor them? Here smart and efficient delivery management software acts like a pro and allows you to perform all the tasks in the right way.

Mishandled and late delivery may negatively affect your business and its reputation. Last-mile delivery software allows you to tackle bulk orders smoothly. From issuing delivery jobs to smart route planning to real-time tracking to proof of delivery, it automates all tasks and improves customer experience.



The importance of last-mile delivery is increasing, but what is it exactly?

The last-mile delivery is now often used by delivery business owners where products or items are picked up from the nearest distribution hub and brought to the customer’s location.

The main motto behind last-mile deliveries is to deliver the package to the consumer as soon as possible. It is the most critical part of any delivery business because it is key to increasing customer satisfaction.

Here is a snapshot from the Ecoconsultancy report that shows how free shipping and on-time delivery are key for customer satisfaction. Real-time tracking and reliable delivery are important aspects of a positive customer experience.

Along with customer satisfaction, your delivery business will also get several benefits such as:

  • Real-time tracking and vehicle management
  • Seamless job assignment
  • Increased customer retention
  • Increase transparency of business

These days, the online delivery business is booming, from restaurant business owners to retail shoppers. Everyone adopts an online ordering system with a power-packed and smart delivery solution that automatically assigns jobs to delivery providers, plans routes, and allows business owners to monitor all the activities within a single dashboard.



As we mentioned earlier, the world is becoming digital, and consumers are gaga over ordering meals, groceries, medicines, etc., from home. They often use “order from home” and “doorstep delivery” terms; it is no wonder that delivery business owners sometimes deal with delivery-related issues as they lack smart delivery management software.

If you are in the on-demand delivery business, then you perhaps know how important it is to have advanced delivery software that manages all deliveries across the business, end to end. If you handle deliveries on time, it ensures the right products are getting from their place to the recipient as quickly and affordably as possible while increasing the business’ profitability.

Sectors like warehousing, drop shipping, delivery, and manufacturing lose grip on delivery, which means productivity goes down, customer satisfaction goes down, and operating costs go up and ultimately reduce profit margins. Below, we address key reasons why delivery business owners should consider investing in delivery management software.

Streamline process and automate delivery flow

You have more than 100 products to deliver in a day, you have more than 40 delivery providers and fleets, but is it possible to remember all these activities without any error?

No, right?

Here delivery management software makes things easy and streamlines the process in such a way that you can manage and tackle bulk delivery orders easily without any error or miscommunication.

With modern delivery management software, you can also cut down unnecessary costs that occur in your delivery process and automate workflow. With mobility delivery solutions, you can deliver products on time and automate the entire delivery management process.

Thus, it is essential to have modern and centralized delivery management software that gives you a detailed insight into the number of fleets, the total number of delivery providers, delivery charges, timings, etc., within a single app to increase the productivity of your delivery business.

Do more with less

Perhaps this is the main goal of any business owner, to achieve more with less investment and effort. If you are engaged with the delivery business, your core objective is to deliver the product to the customer on time. But how is it possible when you have too many deliveries on your table? How will you grow your business when you have a limited number of delivery providers and the limited hours in a day?

You need to find a way that offers you more with the limited resources you have. It means you have to perform tasks faster and deliver orders quicker while letting you earn consumers’ trust and maximize ROI. Scalable delivery management software can help you manage bulk orders, schedule deliveries, and help delivery providers to decide smart routes.

You can also set reminders to free up staff members so that they can focus on other important business objectives. With complete delivery management software, you will be able to dispatch more deliveries in less time and let you expand your business without a hefty investment in a larger fleet.

Smart route optimization

Smart route optimization is the process of finding the best and lowest-traffic route for your delivery operations. Route optimization does not mean finding the shortest distance between two points; many factors play an important role, including:

  • Geography
  • Latest traffic data
  • Mapping data including speed limits
  • Delivery provider location
  • Starting and ending locations of our routes

Usually, delivery providers decide the routes, but this often leads to human errors and subsequent delivery delays. Delivery management software uses an algorithm to calculate the shortest and fast route to a drop-off.

It also considers traffic conditions, location proximity, delivery provider availability, and much more. Each delivery shows efficient routes to the drop-off and also displays real-time location to customers and admin.



With modern, cloud-based delivery management software, business owners can automate the entire delivery procedure that makes business forecasting and decision-making processes easy and informed. Above are the primary benefits delivery management software offers, but it also offers exclusive benefits to business such as:

  • Increased productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Paperless environment
  • Effective communication among all delivery providers
  • Increase fleet capacity
  • Real-time updates
  • Insightful analytics
  • Improve the delivery dispatch process



Smart delivery management software handles deliveries over the “last-mile” and improves the overall process. Consumers can easily track their products that gain trust in the process. Now you can easily know the whereabouts of your food, grocery, or other product’s status sitting at home. Isn’t it amazing!

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Written by Brijesh Vadukiya

Brijesh is the tech activist, blogger, and internet marketing officer of Elluminati Inc for more than three years. His major goal is to educate people who are interested in technology. He's fond of writing useful and informative content that helps brands to grow their business.

January 3, 2021

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