How Necessary is Skip Tracing in IT and Tech Industries?

Many organizations and industries now realize the importance of skip tracing, and they’re recruiting skilled professionals who can provide them this service. Skip tracing involves looking up records of people using different methods, be it electronic or manual. The process has been applied in different industries, including the information technology (IT) and technology industries, with one of its goals being to alleviate work anxiety. However, before going into how necessary skip tracing is, you need to understand first what skip tracing is all about.



Skip tracing is a term used to describe the process of locating and tracking down a fugitive whose place of residence or whereabouts aren’t known. In the term ‘skip tracing,’ the person being searched for is the ‘skip’ while the act of locating the fugitive is referred to as ‘tracing’. The primary purpose of such is to find out information about the whereabouts of the person.

With this, it’s essential to know people and businesses using skip tracing services and what they can be applied for. Skip tracing can be used for different purposes by different people such as bondsmen, bounty hunters, private investigators, repossession agents, debt collectors, and journalists, among others.



Skip tracing is relevant and necessary in many industries since you can use it to find people owing something to you. Bondsmen can use it to find fugitives, and it can also be used to locate a lost relative or a loved one. This technology broadens the horizon of looking for a person no matter where they might be. This section, however, is focused more on how necessary skip tracing is in the IT and technology industries.

Skip tracing has created job opportunities for IT personnel as it involves the use of technological devices. Skip tracing tools are provided by the IT and technology industries, causing more demands for people with strong computer backgrounds.

Skip tracing primarily depends on the use of technology for tracking. It relies on software enabling public data such as marriage records, titles and deeds, arrest and criminal cases, and others to be accessible, making the search easier. For instance, debt collection agencies employ the services of IT professionals and technological tools to help in skip tracing processes for their clients.

Also, security agencies and investigative departments employ the services of IT personnel when they want to carry out skip tracing processes on a particular subject. IT techies know their ways around getting helpful information and are often hired to help hasten the tracking process of skips.



The significance of skip tracing may not be fully appreciated if you don’t know how it works. Skip tracing is knowing relevant places to get information from and how to source the details. Interviews are often conducted for people close to the fugitive, and possible conclusions are made.

More importantly, skip tracers use tech solutions often developed and operated by IT and tech personnel. Also, thorough subscription-based databases are used to hack and access information not readily available to the general public.

Some of the information skip tracers may access in a bid to track a fugitive include:

  • Driver’s license
  • Utility bills and phone numbers
  • Customer fraud and public tax information
  • Criminal background checks and flight records
  • Loan applications
  • Courthouse records and public records databases
  • No known heirs estate
  • Department store/customer loyalty card



It’s more advisable to hire skip tracers or technological experts to go about your tracing processes. However, here are some free tools you can use for skip tracing:

Search engines

Search engines are one of the easiest and accessible tools to carry out skip tracing. You can get information from these sources by searching various keywords like full name, address, and other information you have at hand. Read the first few results and see whether there’s any relevant information about the person.

Social media platforms

Social media platforms are the go-to when seeking information or carrying out skip tracing. Users of these means often add details ranging from full name, date of birth, current employment, city residing, and so on. Hence, you can get relevant information from various platforms to pinpoint someone’s whereabouts.



Skip tracing is a broad and interesting platform for techies and IT personnel to use their skills, and it’s essential in different industries because of its ability to locate different people. Its application can be used to assist corporations, process servers, landlords, debt collectors, collection agencies, insurance companies, lawyers, and paralegals.

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Written by Violet Rice

Violet Rice is a skip tracing specialist, offering her service to various clients, such as law enforcers, private investigators, lawyers, and ordinary people needing the service. She has a background in cybersecurity and other IT works. She shares her expertise through blogging and guest posting.

May 18, 2021

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