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Your Company’s Best Friend: The Cloud

What is the cloud? Despite its widespread usage, cloud technology is still misunderstood.  According to a study conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Citrix, 54% of those questioned responded that they’ve never used cloud technology. And 51% think 'stormy weather' interferes with cloud computing. Cloud technology is changing the world we live in, but [...]

Outsourcing Isn’t a Bad Word – How It Can Save Time and Money

Almost by definition, small business owners and entrepreneurs cringe at the concept of outsourcing. Those who start their own companies generally like having control and autonomy, and the thought of outsourcing anything can make them uncomfortable. Unfortunately, that preference for control and autonomy may have some bad side-effects when it comes to IT. Small businesses [...]

BYOD: The Risks and Rewards for a Business

There are a lot of advantages to mobility in today’s workforce, but the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) movement has brought its share of headaches as well. People who have just bought the latest technology don’t want to have to set it aside to use a separate company-issued device. As a result, businesses are beginning to grant these [...]

Three Ways Downtime Kills Small Businesses

Downtime is bad news for any business whether big or small. A two-hour New York Times website downtime occurrence sent Twitter ablaze and their stock price plummeting. The Wall Street Journal even capitalized on the event by dropping their paywall to try and capture the NYT's displaced readership. Google going down for only five minutes [...]

The Four Layers of Business Defense

In the 1930s, France built a trench network called the Maginot Line to rebuff any invasion. The philosophy was simple: if you map out all the places an enemy can attack, and lay down a lot of men and fortifications at those places, you can rebuff any attack. The problem is, you can't map every [...]

VoIP: A New Dimension in Communication

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is about a decade old technology that is gaining popularity among both individual subscribers and businesses. In conventional systems, phone calls are made using telephones or handsets connected by phone cables. These calls are routed using the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), carrying a signal from one telephone to the [...]

Five Ways SMBs Can Save Money on Security

Small-to-medium sized businesses and large enterprises may seem worlds apart, but they face many of the same cybersecurity threats. In fact, in recent years, cyber-criminals have increasingly targeted SMBs. This is because it’s widely known that SMBs have a smaller budget, and less in-house expertise, to devote to protection. Thankfully, there are several things SMBs [...]