Why Managed IT Support is Crucial for Small Businesses

Outsourcing, outstaffing, freelancing. These words are becoming more and more popular every day.

Why pay office rent if all your specialists can work remotely? While it’s true for some companies, others still need a place to house their brand.

Owning a brick-and-mortar office and paying salaries to in-house teams doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of managed services. These people can be a part of your team on an ongoing basis while charging much less than in-house specialists, offering many more services, and not occupying office space.

If you are a small business, you must be looking for a way to cut costs. Managed IT support is an excellent way to do it. It comes with many more perks and benefits than simply saving money. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Comparing IT Support


What is IT anyway? A trendy abbreviation that means anything from a computer mouse to a cloud server. In reality, an IT specialist is not an all-purpose person. Each one of these people has a certain area of expertise.

So if you need IT support, you have to look for a bunch of different specialists. How many of them can you afford? Hiring freelancers may be a way out. But how much time and effort will you waste until you find the right ones?

By opting for managed IT support, you are allowing yourself to have access to numerous specialists, who can take care of hundreds of problems. Software upgrades? Moving information to a cloud? Installing a new monitor? You can have all of that and much more.

Managed IT services can replace a large in-house IT team at a fraction of its cost.



Spending the extra money on IT specialists may seem reasonable if you need custom software development. In other cases, the funds you can save by hiring a remote team can help you grow and develop your business without looking back at IT matters.

One of the benefits you can get from a managed IT support team is a fresh look at your business IT-wise. You may not see it, but the wrong approach to software and hardware can keep you from outdoing the competition.

Remote specialists can make excellent and often unexpected suggestions to improve the way a company functions. Even if its services are far from being IT-related.



Cybersecurity is a serious issue nowadays. Did you know that 65% of cyber-attacks are aimed at small and medium-sized businesses?

New ways to steal information appear as quickly as new ways to protect it. Failing to keep your data safe can lead to downtime, huge expenses, bankruptcy, and even lawsuits.

Hiring a specialist to deal with your IT security may be a good idea. But only if you have the resources to do it.

Instead of wasting time on a worker, whom you only need to collaborate with from time to time, you can opt for managed IT services.

Security specialists don’t just improve your security from the first day. They monitor the latest industry developments to ensure your utter safety regardless of the new things hackers manage to come up with.



Many small business owners rely on their existing employees to work as IT specialists. While they may have some experiencing installing software and working with anti-viruses, any IT-related problem can take them a long time to deal with. Meanwhile, none of them can guarantee good results.

While your workers are struggling to deal with IT matters, they aren’t executing their primary responsibilities. This slows down the work process, leads to overtime, and lowers the employees’ satisfaction with their salaries.

By choosing managed IT support services, you can be sure everyone is doing the job they were hired for. This improves the output and allows your business to grow and develop.



When was the last time you experienced network problems? In the majority of cases, you discover them when you come to your office in the morning. Hack attacks tend to start at night.

According to Murphy’s Law, the most unfortunate breakdowns happen either on weekends or on official holidays.

While as a business owner you are always on call, you hardly can expect all your staff to do the same. In reality, if you want a person to monitor your systems 24/7, you have to pay a considerable amount for the service.

When you hire a managed IT support company, you get round-the-clock support. You can be sure a specialist will react to a problem ASAP regardless of the time it occurs.

So you’ll never have to face a disaster when you come to the office on Monday morning and waste half the day fixing it.



Who said an in-house IT team is better than an outsourced one? In the 21st century, outsourcing is a global trend. The main reasons for outsourcing any work, including IT-related tasks are:

  •         Cutting costs
  •         Ability to focus on other tasks
  •         Solving capacity problems
  •         Enhancing service quality
  •         Access to expert abilities


With managed IT support, you get all of the above and more. That’s why more and more companies are taking advantage of such services.

High demand calls for high supply. Today, many companies are offering managed IT support services. Small businesses are faced with a tough task trying to find the best option.



No matter what business you are in, you need IT support. If you aren’t an IT expert yourself, you may be overlooking your company’s IT-related needs.

Instead of building a costly in-house team, opt for managed IT support services and enjoy peace of mind.

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Written by Maria MacAraig


May 3, 2019

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