Why Employee Recognition is Important and How To Recognize an Employee

A good recognition definition is “the acknowledgment of a company’s staff for exemplary performance.” Employee recognition is important for group morale. A happy work worker is a good worker. A happy worker will work harder. Recognizing good employees is one step in making your place of work an effective and enjoyable one.



This will be on the list of things to do to recognize employees. Adam Douglas, a team lead, from customessayorder.com advises making sure to praise somebody by name when you want to formally recognize them. Make sure that everyone knows who you are talking about. How can you recognize somebody if you don’t say their name?

Part of employee recognition is about drawing other people’s attention to them. This might not work in a big company where people may not know each other. In a smaller one, where everybody will know each other by name, it will work very well.

Praising somebody by name will also strengthen links between you and your employees. By showing that you recognize them as an individual, you are showing that they matter. Some people would only see an employee as a faceless cog in their business. Don’t be like that! Use people’s names.



Employee recognition awards are good when you work in teams. A team is only as good as the work of its weakest member. Using an award can bring attention to that fact.

Each member of a team works hard to produce the result. Show the team how all their work comes together by isolating each person’s job and how it has affected the overall result.

An award can be useful because it allows you to show exactly what each person does. You can tell people why that particular employee is getting the award. You can then take the opportunity to show how it fits into the grander scheme of things.

This will hopefully have the effect of bringing people closer together. Sometimes people don’t understand how different tasks contribute to the whole. This can be a way to show that everything and everyone is important. The work everyone does in a company has value.



When giving an employee’s reward, it is very important to praise them by name. Is the object is to show that every member of a team contributes to the whole? Then use their name. Draw attention to the fact that it was their work that produced the result.

This serves two purposes. First of all, it shows people that you will single them out for their hard work. Second, it will spur other people into working hard for the prize.

Using awards this way can emphasize that every part of a team is important. Yes, the finished article is what people will see. The individual work is what makes it happen though. By using somebody’s name, you are recognizing that fact. Yes, team awards are good for fostering a closer team environment. But individual ones help your employees recognize the work that goes into that team.



As any manager from Perfectessay will tell you, recognition gets you hard work. When you recognize your employees for their service, they will enjoy your praise. They will take it to heart. Someone who feels recognized, who feels that their work is valued, is a good asset.

Giving your employees recognition for their hard work will have two benefits. One is that the person who is being rewarded for their work will be incentivized. The other is that other employees will be similarly inspired.

If one employee gets recognized for their work, it means that others can too. You can use awards to show that hard work will be recognized.

If someone receives an award for hard work, they will likely work harder. An award shows that their employers are paying attention. Someone who feels appreciated will bring their A-game to their work.



Following on from the last point, employee recognition leads to employee happiness. Nobody likes to feel unappreciated. An award for hard work shows that they are appreciated.

When workers feel recognized, they feel happy. They can see that you are paying attention to them, not just the work they produce. Everyone likes to feel valued.

Give employees awards for their work, and they will be happy. This works whether it is an individual or team award.

Your employees work hard for you. An award will give them a sense that that has meaning. Do you have a policy of making company-wide announcements? This sense of meaning will increase.

Recognition and awards show that people matter. Happy employees will be good for business. Happy employees work hard for you! Give people a reason to work for you, and they will happily do so.



Don’t just award employees at certain times of the year. Do so year-round. Try and set up some employee recognition programs that will trigger whenever someone excels.

By performing recognition all year round, you will get people who try and work hard all year round. Having awards at certain times just means that people do their best work at certain times of the year.

Having an all-year-round program means more opportunities to recognize people for their work. People will be happy to be seen and acknowledged, and they will work harder as a result.

An all-year-round program also ensures that more people have the chance to be recognized. This can improve morale in and of itself. More opportunities to be awarded for hard work will lead to more hard work. People like to be seen for what they do. Give them lots of opportunities to prove that they deserve an award! They will likely take them.

Employee recognition is incredibly important. It can turn a good employee into a great one. Incentives and rewards for doing good work are easy to give. Our article has gone over some ways you can work with your employees. You need to figure out what will work best for you.

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Written by Kenny Gill

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October 10, 2020

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