Which Phone System Is Right for My Business?

Having the right phone system is crucial for every business. Without it, you run the risk of missing important client/customer phone calls, miscommunicating with your team, and worse, losing revenue.

In this blog, we are going to share our tips for choosing the right business phone system and outline the best business phone system for small to medium businesses.



Social media communication appears to be growing. And many businesses, particularly start-ups and small businesses, rely on social media channels to communicate with their customers.

And we understand why. It’s simple and cost-effective. However, we’re sure you can agree that no form of communication is quite as effective as a phone system. You don’t have to take it from us, these stats say it all…

  • 85% of people won’t call back if their first call goes unanswered
  • 40% of people want to speak to a real person over the phone when resolving an issue
  • 66% of existing customers will take their business elsewhere if they receive poor customer service
  • 65% of people prefer to contact a business via phone rather than an online form
  • 78% of people prefer to talk directly to a human
  • 80% of successful sales require numerous follow-up phone calls after the first meeting



With so many options to choose from, choosing the right phone system can be tricky. But having so many options is also a good thing, right?

Technology has moved on from the days of being bound to your desk in fear of missing an important phone call. Now, you can communicate seamlessly whether you’re in the office, working from home, or on the go…if you’ve got the right phone system that is.

When choosing the right phone system for your business, there are several factors to consider:

Think about call volume

Call volume is often overlooked when choosing a new phone system. But considering your call volume can ensure you have the correct number of telephone lines, handsets, and the best features for your business.

Consider the size of the phone system

Ideally, you need a phone system that will fulfill the needs of your business. Plus, you should have a phone system that is easily scalable as your business expands.

Or, if your business takes a hit due to unforeseen circumstances (such as COVID-19), you need to be able to scale back without it costing you a fortune.

The number of phones and extension lines required for your premises should be considered when choosing the size of your phone system.

Identify integral features

Phone systems are not a one-size-fits-all thing. Each business will need different features. You may be able to identify most of these features yourself.

However, if you’re unsure, it’s a great idea to chat with your employees about the features they use or would like to use. They will be able to give you feedback on the features they currently find useful and the features they don’t need.

Popular features include voicemail, call forward, call transfer, call center features, call recording, online chat tools, softphones, call queues, mobile application, video conferencing, and company chat logs.

Choose your budget

Some business phone systems, such as VoIP, are far more cost-effective than others. Working out your budget will narrow down your options and help you choose a phone system that isn’t going to break the bank.



For small to medium-size businesses, the go-to phone system we would recommend is a VoIP system. A VoIP system (voice over internet protocol) uses broadband to provide seamless communication.

Businesses all over the world are turning to VoIP for their phone system. And rightfully so. It offers all the features of a traditional business telephone system. And so much more.

Plus, because it uses broadband, it is one of the most cost-effective telephone systems on the market. You don’t have to pay for separate phone lines, or expensive international phone calls – VoIP calls are cheaper!

With VoIP and state-of-the-art technology, your business will have access to a wide range of features, allowing your team to communicate effectively with each other and with clients. On the go. Anywhere in the world.

The possibilities are endless. VoIP provides an affordable, flexible, reliable, and scalable phone system for any business.

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Written by Chloe Curwen


December 8, 2020

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