What is Business Intelligence Technology and How Can It Benefit You?

Can any business truly thrive without the use of systems that leverage data and analytics for better decision-making processes? Not in the modern world. Luckily, business intelligence (BI) tech exists to improve the functions of products and services, bringing your business all the best.

But what is BI tech? What does it mean for your business? And how can the integration of intelligent processes benefit you?

From understanding customers to increasing your competitive edge, BI technology offers a wide variety of improvements that can bring your business into the modern world of big data.



Utilizing business intelligence tech starts with understanding what it is and how it works. The term might seem a catch-all for analytical tools used in processing business data. However, the reality is a bit more complex.

BI tech is the term for services and software that give companies the ability to communicate data trends in real-time for actionable results. This technology compiles and organizes all kinds of information into graphs, charts, dashboards, and strategies that tell a business exactly how it is doing at any given moment. Across the limitless trackable metrics BI tools can manage, companies can begin to understand where they can improve.

Like business analytics, the process starts with the accumulation of data. However, business intelligence is more focused on the present, whereas business analytics is concerned with modeling trends to predict future results. For business analytics to occur, a company must first possess business intelligence.

BI technology mines data so that you can better visualize and understand your chosen key performance indicators (KPIs). Here are just some of the ways BI structures your mined data to provide insights:

  • Demonstrate association rules that show linked variables and commonalities in customer behavior.
  • Classify data into useful categories like demographics, purchased products, and more.
  • Cluster data for better grouping and segmenting of audience and needs.
  • Detect outliers to help you understand anomalies.

By generating and showcasing data in navigable dashboards, BI allows businesses to easily track and comprehend their KPIs. BI is trending in the modern data world, as it allows companies to structure quality data, present it visually, and create a data-literate culture.



Business intelligence technology can bring a host of benefits to your business, making what you spend on IT costs entirely worth it. Information means revenue, and BI helps you get there, broadening your potential for success in a variety of ways.

Here’s how BI tech can help improve and develop your business strategy:

  • Detailed and redefined strategies and metrics

Creating a comprehensive approach to managing goals and metrics through business intelligence platforms ensures every employee is on the same page. Often, tasks that don’t serve the ultimate goals of a business can keep workers distracted from strategies that directly improve metrics like customer satisfaction or enhancing marketing effectiveness. BI tech provides a dashboard for your goals, helping you redefine and adhere to them.

  • Improved access and comprehension of data across the company

With the accessibility offered by BI tech, companies can spread useful information across all levels of the business. Performative dashboards can measure productivity across aspects of a workplace in real-time. This can be utilized to show workers where they might be able to streamline processes, improve policies, and cut costs. Through the comprehensive dashboard included in BI platforms, any employee can become literate in a data-driven approach to business.

  • Increased value

Where productivity is increased and costs reduced, a business’s revenues will thrive. BI helps companies build value by harnessing the raw power of data. Maybe one aspect of your business is lagging. Maybe a customer demographic is underrepresented in your marketing approach. The real-time data of BI helps you be more competitive in business by analyzing customer behavior as well as evaluating ROI.

  • Better marketing strategies

Nothing is more valuable to a marketing approach than data. BI tech gives businesses the information to segment and target an audience through understanding. By formulating personas of your customers based on demographic categories, you can help craft personalized marketing strategies that better reach your intended audiences.

Business intelligence can help any business craft a better approach. Whether you seek higher productivity, increased revenues, or an enhanced marketing strategy, BI has something to offer. All it takes is proper integration.



The number of BI tools—both free and paid—that exist on the web can help any business get started on the process of integrating a successful data strategy.

Google Analytics, for example, is free to use and provides a host of trackable metrics on a convenient, comprehensive platform. With a little training, you can use Google Analytics like a data scientist, pulling information to better improve your business.

A host of other tools can be accessed for better data tracking and integration. Find the right platform for your business, and start by defining your most important metrics. KPIs should be active, alive, and right for your intended approach. Once you’ve got the right indicators sorted out, analyzing your business for improvements can be a simple matter of reassessing your processes.



Business intelligence technology provides tools that enable any business to track real-time metrics and data. In turn, this can provide a host of benefits, allowing companies to improve everything from business processes to marketing strategies. Integrating data for BI success can be as simple as accessing free online tools, so why wait? Start accumulating business intelligence today.

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Written by Frankie Wallace


September 23, 2020

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