Preventing Business Disasters –  Cybercrime & Human Error

Avoid losing data, revenue, and your good reputation with these indispensable tips on preventing cyber threats and human errors.

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Are you ready for a disaster?

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘disaster’? Maybe it’s a tornado or hurricane blasting through your city or a historic cold snap halting utility operations (we felt this in Texas very recently!) While these disasters do happen, the real business threats are less monumental but far more dangerous and common. We’re talking about cybercrime and human error.

You can have the best antivirus software, company security training, and regular backups. But all it takes is one employee slipup to devastate your business. Maybe Bob in finance didn’t get a great night’s sleep. Brain fog leads to him not questioning the email he gets from “the CEO” asking him to send $10,000 to a “product supplier”. 30 seconds later you’ve sent $10k to a scammer with zero recourse. This and many other threats trick people every single day at organizations large and small:

Cybercrime is an industry, and these shady organizations are constantly refining how they will trick your employees. It’s no longer Nigerian prince scams that stand out like a sore thumb. And if you aren’t one step ahead of these criminals, it’s only a matter of time until your business is added to the list of stories above.

In this webinar, we talk about:

  • The modern threats your business faces – we guarantee they are more advanced than you realize.
  • Stats about the cybercrime industry – you won’t believe how much money these crooks are making!
  • How to guard against ransomware, phishing, and other cyberthreats to avoid becoming a victim yourself.
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