Ask the Experts – Cybersecurity Virtual Panel

Do you have questions about cybersecurity?

You’re not alone! Cybersecurity is a huge issue for companies today. With hackers becoming more sophisticated, it’s important to get the right advice from experts.

Our panelists in this presentation have decades of experience in everything from top-level government security to developing business cybersecurity programs from the ground up.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from industry leaders!

Plus, get two free guides to help you boost your security right away – “The Ultimate Guide to Phishing” and “How to Create and Remember Strong Passwords”.

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Meet the cybersecurity experts

Reese Ormand

Reese is the CEO of Techvera, one of the fastest-growing technology firms in North Texas. Reese’s career in technology spans two decades, opening his first IT business
by 2005 while a full-time student at University of Texas.

By 2009 he’d acquired a small three man computer repair shop, known as Geek on Wheels. After a few years of growth, Reese reinvented the business model with a focus on small business IT management and developed a best-in-class, cloud-centric, security-focused company.


Matt Lee

Matt Lee has dedicated the last 10 years to raising the security tide in the SMB market. His efforts have served in every capacity in a thriving MSP that grew to support 20,000 endpoints. His leadership around technology direction and security/compliance protected and elevated over 17,000 people in small to midsize businesses in five states.

He has since taken on a new role as a force multiplier under Brad Fugitt as the Senior Director of Security and Compliance at Pax8. He is driving the external thought leadership to empower MSPs to continue to grow in their security knowledge and operability. He lives to ensure his children maintain the same quality of life we do around technology, which is imperiled daily by threat actors.


Alex Foley

Alex is a broadly experienced and accomplished information technology and security professional with over 25 years of hands-on experience planning, managing, implementing, auditing, and supporting complex projects and systems. Over the course of his career, he’s had the opportunity to wear many hats and do “all the things” within the product development life-cycle.

He has been a leader in the security programs that defined the development, launch, and ongoing support of many web and mobile applications in non-regulated and regulated spaces. He’s lent his experience and knowledge to such companies as Electric, Axl.net, and Secureside.

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