Using Technology to Advance Your Small Business

The world of commerce has always been highly competitive, and up-and-coming business owners have to prove themselves against an onslaught of challenges. Small businesses in particular have the deck stacked against them. They have fewer resources, leading to more mistakes and less capacity for recovering from those mistakes.

However, the business landscape of the modern era is characterized by the use of high-tech solutions. Embracing those solutions can help even small businesses optimize their operations. Here’s what you need to know.



Automation has been increasing in use since its inception, and there are numerous advantages to implementing automation when and where you can. Today’s businesses can and must take advantage of advanced tech for automation purposes. It can increase the output, reduce the iteration time, and increase the quality of results for any business model. For example, IoT technology can be used to great effect in the big data pipeline of your company.

By connecting various IoT devices and software to your network, you can create a smart office capable of automating large swathes of your business’s data management. IoT apps excel at trivializing clerical labor, and this provides numerous benefits. For starters, results will provide cleaner data, improving the final results of data processing and analysis. In addition to this, human workers that would ordinarily go to waste doing menial labor can be used elsewhere, or you can reduce your labor costs by simply trimming the fat.

Outside of data management, Prometheus monitoring is an important part of protecting your network by automatically detecting and alerting you to the presence of suspicious activity that can indicate an incoming cyberattack, allowing you to take action before it begins in earnest. Better yet, various cybersecurity tools are automated and can take care of the problem for you. Where automation is concerned, it’s always important to employ some degree of human oversight, just in case.



Cloud technology is another branch of technology that has found a permanent home in every industry for the foreseeable future. For starters, cloud storage is integral within big data. It allows a business to transcend the storage limitations of their on-site computers. Moreover, the amount of additional space offered by a given cloud storage platform can be scaled up as your needs increase, something that is inevitable as your data collection methods and budget improve. The concept of scalability is also important in other areas of cloud computing and big data.

Cloud computing specializes in flexibility and scalability. Modern businesses use private clouds as a more advanced alternative to traditional networks. This has several key advantages. Cloud storage is only a small part of what makes cloud computing the next step not only in networking, but also in computation as you know it. A cloud computing network operates primarily by leveraging assets from remote devices to increase or alter the capabilities of on-site machines.

For example, this offers businesses the ability to scale software up over time as needs change in much the same way that cloud storage works. One of the strongest benefits of cloud computing is that it allows a computer to transcend its own limitations by borrowing computational assets from other devices within the network. Many cloud computing service providers have resources set aside for this purpose, as well. This is a major blessing when it comes to data processing, a task that is both time-consuming and resource-intensive. Using cloud computing, businesses can trivialize the time and resource costs associated with data processing to expedite this important part of the big data pipeline.



Owning and operating your own business can be a dream come true, but there’s every chance that it can be a nightmare for fledgling business owners who are out of their depths. The use of state-of-the-art technology is necessary to keep up, but that also means that it can help you even the odds and this guide is a great place to start.

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Written by Mikkie Mills


August 3, 2021

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