Upcoming IT Trends for 2021

There are a number of upcoming IT trends to keep an eye on as 2021 approaches. With technology improving faster than ever, you can expect a lot of new technology to be developed and utilized in 2021. There are already some clear hints at 2021’s top technological trends that you may be interested in learning more about.

Some of the popular IT trends for 2021 might seem obvious, but the really interesting portion of this post is going to come from the trends that we don’t yet expect. Some of the possibilities are really intriguing because they could have a significant impact on everyday life.




One of the most plausible trends for 2021 is the possibility of many online customer support platforms being managed by developed AI technology. This means that an automated computer system will likely start to resolve your inquiries instead of a human being.

You might already notice that many phone systems are automated through a computer system with pre-configured functions. This technology can be even more in-depth on digital web servers. Many companies will likely use AI technology to provide customers with in-depth responses to possible inquiries.

Positives and negatives

There are many positives to this type of technology, but there are also some negatives. The positives revolve around the fact that companies will not have to pay employees to work in this position in the future. The other side of that equation means that there is one less job position available to the workforce.

The future of AI

It is currently unclear how AI technology could impact our lives in other ways, but self-driving cars and other similar forms of technology are already being explored. The AI technology trend will likely unveil itself a little bit more in 2021, but this type of technology will truly be trending for many decades to come.




A lot of people are currently in the dark when it comes to Blockchain technology. This is a common term within the world of cryptocurrency, but there are many more purposes for Blockchain than just cryptocurrency.


One of the most important factors about Blockchain is that it has an incredibly secure design. This means that it is incredibly difficult and rare for a security breach to occur. While a lot of people appreciate the security of the Blockchain, many others appreciate the privacy and anonymity.

The future of Blockchain

You will likely be hearing a lot more about Blockchain technology in the coming months. Next year could be a massive year for the Blockchain, but there is no doubt that this technology has a bright future in the digital age.




The last several years have been truly incredible for technology. In 2001, 3G technology was initially introduced and this technology soon became one of the most important tools to provide high-quality networking across the globe.


In 2010, 4G networking was introduced and it utilizes some of the best broadband cellphone networking technology that is currently available.


The future relies on the power of 5G networking. Some of the benefits of this technology include ultra-fast networking speeds that empower users to be more efficient and productive. Unfortunately, many older smartphone devices and tablets are not currently suitable for 5G technology.

Starting in 2021, you will likely start to see a massive shift towards 5G technology. Many of the new smartphone devices and tablets that are coming to the markets today are being integrated with support for 5G networking.

It is only a matter of time until 5G is the industry standard. It will likely take a few years at the very least, but you can certainly expect 5G to be a top trend starting in 2021.



It is very plausible that 2021 could be one of the biggest years for the cloud in the history of the digital age. Cloud computing technology makes it possible to connect to an internet-based network to access certain files and data.

Cloud storage

For example, a cloud storage platform makes it possible for users to store files ‘in the cloud’. These files can then be accessed through the cloud from any device in the world that has an internet connection.

Cloud streaming

There are many more examples of how the cloud can be used for convenience and benefits. Gaming console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft are starting to find ways to stream games through the cloud, without even inserting a disc into the video game console.

Trends of the future

You can expect cloud-based technology to step up as a major trend in 2021 if the current trajectory of development continues. There are a lot of positives with the cloud and many people are starting to find this form of technology to be extremely useful and helpful.



The last couple of years have been incredibly big for smart technology. A lot of people are starting to bring smart technology into their personal homes. With smart appliances, smart electronics, and smart technology as a whole, there is no doubt that 2021 will be a significant overall year for this form of technology.

Smart technology utilizes access to the internet as a way of connecting individuals with appliances and electronics in their homes. The main purpose of this type of technology is to make life more convenient and efficient.

Smart keys, smart refrigerators, and smart televisions are only a few of the examples of smart technology in its current form. These traditional electronics and appliances are now connected to the internet, allowing users to control the settings of these items from a compatible smartphone.



There are so many technological trends to keep an eye on during 2021 and beyond. Some of the examples in this post are already incredibly popular, while others are only beginning to unveil their true potential for the future.

Things won’t change overnight, but a lot of these trends will expand at a rapid rate around the world. You should be prepared to adopt some of these technologies next year because they will likely become a major part of life in the near future.

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Written by Gabe Nelson


December 22, 2020

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