Trends in EdTech in 2021 that Take Education to the Next Level

The year 2020 was a game-changer when speaking about educational trends. Social distancing has affected our perception of studying and provided us with new insights to analyze.

One more thing this year was responsible for is understanding that any predictions we can make about tech trends in education for 2021 are just illusory: it looks like the first months of the year will be more of the same, but it is not so easy to understand what we should expect a bit later.

What is interesting is that now people understand that educational institutions were unprepared for such a black swan, and this understanding is the platform where educators can build something decent in 2021. The students themselves will play an important role in this process. Writing a research paper on the future of education, it is essential to understand that 2021 can become even more unpredictable than the previous year. However, it is still necessary to take the most likely trends into account so that you can make your educational journey better along with reducing the level of anxiety.



Accessibility discourse in previous years included accommodations for students with disabilities. It has never focused on the huge gap between people with access to technology and those who can’t afford a smartphone or high-speed internet.

While both educational institutions and families do their best to get prepared for the second year of remote learning, we can surely say that each teacher and administrator should make safety and accessibility a priority. When the student is required to provide writing work, one should have the opportunity to get whatever information one needs, to contact one’s mentor whenever it is necessary, and to know one’s data is protected.

It is essential to:

  • implement new protocols that will make distance education easier and more secure;
  • invest in modern devices and Internet connection;
  • develop principles of appropriate online behavior for all participants of the educational process;
  • learn from the mistakes made in 2020.

Now, when many students can get research paper help online, it is essential to make sure that the educational process can be organized seamlessly. When you hire a research paper helper, you need to trust the company, and you need to trust the provider of educational services as well. It is impossible when third-party businesses are more accessible and affordable in comparison with your educational institution.



How would it change in 2021? Speaking about technology trends in education for the future, we should mention that not only the overall approach to learning is changing, but strategies are also changing, and ways students receive new knowledge are changing as well.

The new 2021 year will be a year of AI education startups that develop products for:

  • assisting the grading process;
  • online platforms;
  • instant feedback;
  • better communication with students and their families.

If 2020 has shown us the barrier between students and teachers that are socially distanced, it is highly expected that 2021 should break this barrier down.

Tech-driven education also brings a more bright use of media: if you don’t think that conference calls in Zoom work for you, there will be more options to convey information. For example, videos, animations, and even virtual or augmented reality will help you to transport your class whenever you are. These technologies not only provide teachers with an opportunity to keep students engaged but also helps young people to teach in a more interactive way that requires less effort.



Speaking about online schools and platforms like Coursera, edX, Skillshare, etc., it is possible to mention the next interesting trend. Several years ago, ads with calls to gain new skills were targeted at juniors primarily. People who decided to change their career, to pursue a new job, to try something new and unknown.

In 2021, we should expect more online-courses oriented on the middle- and even senior-level since recent events have shown that even more people need to develop in their profession. The competition was taken to the next level, and it is vital to be open for development to stand out among other candidates on the market. You can hire an essay writer to help you with the CV, but it is not enough anymore since everyone has the same opportunity.



It is impossible to find a versatile solution here since the COVID-19 pandemic was just like the litmus test that shows drawbacks and gaps in the modern educational system.

While many schools and universities grasped that they should change their curriculum by including more STEM disciplines, some individuals realized that they have to focus on soft skills development. When you have constant access to the internet with all its opportunities and can easily get different information to boost your grades, sometimes it is essential to focus on your ability to communicate with other people.



The advantages of technology in education became something that is based on data, research, and studies. When online learning was something like “an extra option”, the whole thing was based on teachers’ impressions only, on the individual experience, which is not relevant when it comes to the development of the unified system. Now we received the opportunity to get more data and to make more trustworthy predictions.

Digital educational services will develop following listener behavior and their interactions with content. The next year will change the perception of teaching from being an art to being a science. When you’re writing a term paper, you rely on facts and evidence. And it is the thing that will work for the modern education system as well.



When borders are closed, and your whole life is concentrated in one room, or even on your smartphone or laptop, the perception of opportunities is changing.

Now the essay writer you can hire to assist you with an essay or term paper is not just a provider of the service. He or she can become your source of new information, skills, and experience. We are expecting that though technologies are at the cutting edge in 2021, people will value other people much more than ever before.

Therefore, even when you ask for research papers help, it becomes part of networking: the process of looking for professionals you can rely on. Become this professional for other people as well.

Finally, it is worth saying that we all hope things will go differently this year, and we won’t need to deal with the limited number of options only. Nevertheless, 2020 will surely affect 2021 and the next years, so that we just need to make the most out of it right now.

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Written by Oscar Mitchall


February 16, 2021

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