Todyl Security Cloud


Comprehensive Cybersecurity, Customizable to Your Needs

Every business has higher risk of a cyberattack

Hackers use the dark web to buy and sell hacking tools and services, making it easy to break into vulnerable businesses and execute cyberattacks. To make things more complicated, businesses use the Internet and cloud to store information, which make attacks easier for hackers. In fact, 80% of businesses experienced at least once cloud security incident in the last year.

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, small businesses were the victims of 70% of ransomware attacks in 2021. 75% of small businesses could only survive 3 to 7 days following an attack. Additional threats, such as Business Email Compromise where hackers commit fraud and intercept payments, grew 17% from December 2021 to 2022 with no signs of slowing down.


It’s more critical than ever to put effective cybersecurity in place

When hackers gain access to your business, they can:

  • Steal your intellectual property and confidential information to resell on the dark web
  • Find sensitive communications to shame your employees and force them to act against you
  • Encrypt your data and devices so you can’t operate while demanding a ransom payment
  • Intercept bank wires and transfers

The costs can also extend beyond the initial breach, resulting in reputational damage, regulatory and compliance fines, lost customers, vendor replacement, and much more.


A revolutionary way to defend your business

Todyl’s unique security cloud includes everything you need to effectively prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks. It delivers a seamless work experience with always-on cybersecurity that keeps your employees connected and protected anywhere they work.

Cybersecurity for Any Need

Always-on Security

  • Ditch the annoying VPNs and costly hardware firewalls
  • Keep your team safe in and out of the office
  • Make sure only the right people can access your important data
  • Spot and stop any potential dangers on your systems
  • Have around-the-clock cybersecurity experts looking out for your business

Streamlined Compliance

  • Meet the rules and guidelines set by regulators
  • Go above and beyond what your cyber insurance needs

Comprehensive Oversight

  • Share how well your cybersecurity is working with the board, investors, and other stakeholders
  • Decide who can access what resources
  • See everything that happens on your systems

What’s Included in Todyl Security Cloud?


Take a proactive approach to cybersecurity with the Todyl Security Cloud designed to work with your business and evolve with your needs. Todyl’s unique solution allows us to design a dedicated security cloud to meet any need, empowering you to focus on core business activities with peace of mind.

With one platform and a single agent to deploy, we can customize a cybersecurity program to meet your needs and risk appetite with capabilities previously reserved for large enterprises and government agencies:

Secure Access Service Edge


  • Always-on VPN alternative
  • Eliminate the need for expensive hardware firewalls
  • Secure remote and hybrid workforces
  • Control access to resources

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)


  • Correlated threat detection across your environments
  • Streamlines investigations for faster threat remediation
  • Real-time visibility and reporting
  • Supports demonstrating compliance

Managed eXtended Detection & Response (MXDR)


  • 24x7x365 monitoring, investigation, and response
  • Security expertise from former government employees and leaders of enterprise incident response companies
  • Support strengthening your cybersecurity posture

Endpoint Security


  • Protection from today’s advanced threats, including in-memory attacks
  • Detect suspicious behavior for earlier threat identification and removal

LAN ZeroTrust


  • Segment internal networks to prevent lateral movement
  • Help meet compliance requirements with conditional access policies
  • Supports incident response

Governance, Risk &


  • Real-time compliance reporting
  • Identify in-scope regulations based on your industry, size, and location
  • Centralize policies, procedures, and documents
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