Thriving Through Relationships: Why Who You Work With Matters So Much

Over the years, we’ve managed to build a cohesive team that supports and works well together. It’s not always a simple process, but it’s absolutely worth it for every business.

After spending over half of your waking hours with people, you get to know them on a different level than your friends and family. Working relationships are an important part of employees’ social circle and an even more important part of your work environment.



While the typical school of thought is that face-to-face interactions can hinder production, they may actually be able to increase production in certain circumstances. People who are able to have more face-to-face contact while in the workplace may be more productive and may be willing to spend more time working on time-intensive projects. These interactions could lead to less idle time and may improve the morale of the workplace.

“IT professionals who have more face-to-face interactions show increased production, better performance, and overall better perception of their place of employment,” said Aaron Smith with

There are some circumstances where having more face-to-face interactions could be detrimental to production, but in the IT industry where face-to-face interactions do not happen organically, it has a positive impact on production. In an industry where many interactions are online or over the phone, personal relationships are valuable for increased workplace production.



Employers may be able to improve production and make their workplace function better when they cultivate positive employee relationships.

Since employees are among the most valuable resources businesses have, it’s important to treat them in a way that allows them to thrive. When you allow employees to feel better about their workplace, production and morale both increase.



“Strong relationships in the workplace increase security and help employees hold each other accountable for any profit losses,” said Gregg DeRouanna, owner of CCTV Security Pros.

While there are very few methods that prevent profit loss 100% on their own, there are different methods you may be able to use to make your workplace more secure. Combining technology with other aspects, like helping employees feel like they are part of a community, can help improve the security of your business.

When employees have had the chance to cultivate strong relationships, they may be more concerned about the security of the company. There may be a better chance of them looking out for the organization and each other to protect the integrity of the business.

Since happy employees tend to stay in jobs for a longer time, there’s a better chance of having employees who care about the organization they’re a part of. Since they’ve invested so much time in it, employees may be more likely to care about the security of the company.



As a manager or an owner, it can be hard to feel comfortable trusting unproven employees. However, managers who know their employees are happy may be more confident in their business practices and may be able to delegate some of their duties to their employees.

If your company has an HR department, there can be positive benefits from keeping your HR team happy. If you manage your HR department the correct way, they’ll be able to, in turn, help bring positive benefits to the way your employees perform.

It can be difficult for business owners to relinquish employee control over to an HR department, but there are many benefits that come from it. One of the best benefits is being able to take a step back and enjoy managing the business instead of having to manage the employees.



It’s not just the tech industry that benefits from better workplace relationships. All industries can enjoy the benefits of having employees who cultivate stronger relationships while at work. Since e-commerce and other online business models have limited face-to-face interactions with customers, they receive better benefits from creating positive employee relationships.

“Creating better employee relationships reflects a positive workplace culture that translates into better customer experience,” said Katy Messersmith, founder of Katydid Wholesale.

Bringing employees together and allowing them to have more positive workplace experiences with their co-workers breeds a better environment for success. From happier employees to increased production and even more positive feedback from customers, cultivating workplace relationships brings benefits to every part of a business.

When businesses encourage these relationships, they give themselves a better chance at success.


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Written by Katie Tejada-McDaniel

Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and former HR professional. She covers the latest developments in HR, business communication, recruiting, and CRM solutions, but also enjoys writing about travel, events, and home design.

August 13, 2019

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