Texas Named One of the Best States for Remote Work

A list ranking the best states for remote working, shared by CareerCloud, ranked Texas as the No.6 best state for workers seeking remote jobs. Another list, shared by WalletHub, ranks Texas as the 7th best state to live for remote workers.

It’s clear that Texas has a lot to offer when it comes to remote working. But what led to this conclusion?

Keep reading as we explore why Texas earned such a high ranking in the lists for the best remote working states!



Let’s explore all of the benefits of living in Texas and why Texas is one of the best states for remote work.


Job opportunities

Texas now houses 54 Fortune 500 companies, including WholeFoods, American Airlines, and AT&T. If you’re looking to move to Texas for remote work, there are many industries on the rise that you should be looking out for. Some of these emerging industries include:

  • IT
  • Aeronautics
  • Computer technology
  • Tourism
  • Energy

Texas has always been home to a thriving oil and gas industry, but these emerging industries present more diverse job opportunities.

Since 2005, remote working in Texas has surged by 122%, which means plenty of remote working jobs are waiting for you in Texas. Additionally, 23% of government agencies offer at least one day of virtual work per week. So, both hybrid and remote work is available in Texas if you’re looking for it.


Texas has some of the largest cities in the US

When it comes to your career search, remember that cities have booming industries and offer more job opportunities than suburban or rural areas.

Luckily for workers seeking remote jobs, Texas is home to some of the largest cities in the US (and you won’t have to commute every day). Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are three of the largest cities in the US.

Austin, the capital of Texas, is known for offering startups and entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow their business and is the home of innovation. So, if you’re looking to join a tech company or a start-up, then Austin might just be the right place to look.


Vibrant culture

State pride is at the forefront of Texan culture. Are you a fan of good food and country music? Then you’ll love Texas. Texas is known for its BBQ grills and TexMex. The cowboy culture is warm and friendly, and Texas is perfect for families.


Quality of life

Texas has a low cost of living, which means remote workers who move to Texas will be offered a high quality of life. This factor makes Texas a popular destination for those wishing to migrate between states. U-Haul even ranked Texas as the number one growth state in the US.


The weather and diverse landscape

From desert weather to humid and tropical climates and snow in some areas during winter, there is plenty to enjoy about the weather in Texas. Texas has many diverse landscapes, too, with mountain ranches, desert-like landscapes, and forests. The warmth and vibrant natural landscape of Texas are bound to win you over, along with the beauty of the national parks.



We are in the midst of a remote working revolution. Since the pandemic began, companies have been forced to explore their options for remote working and adopt cloud-based technologies that support a remote working model.

Since then, employees have noticed the benefits that remote working has to offer. Here are some of the biggest benefits of remote working for employees:

  • Saving time: When employees must travel to the office each day, this extends the length of their working hours. If employees can work from home, they get to sleep longer in the mornings, and they get more me-time or family time in the evenings. Overall, remote working offers a better quality of life.
  • Saving money: The commute employees make to work each day costs them money on petrol or public transport. Plus, office dress codes mean that employees must spend money on clothes suitable for work. Employees do not waste their money on work clothes or commuting when working from home.
  • More productivity: Employees are more likely to focus on the task when working from home. Water-cooler chatting and office politics won’t get in the way of their workload, and they will find that they are more productive when working from home.



If you’re considering where your next remote position should be, Texas is worthy of consideration. With some of the largest cities in the world, along with boundless job opportunities and growth industries, Texas has a lot to offer for remote workers. Texas is a friendly cowboy state with vibrant food and music cultures.

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Written by Lauren Morley

Lauren is the Chief Marketing Officer at Techvera. She travels the country full-time with her husband and dogs. When she isn't coming up with marketing strategies for Techvera, you can find her playing games, exploring nature, or planning her next adventure!

June 10, 2022

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