Technology Tools That Improve Employee Retention

Technology is constantly advancing and helping businesses manage and streamline processes. Tech can be utilized to retain employees and reduce turnover, and using the right digital platforms increases workers’ feeling of security during onboarding. Automation tools can also improve the team’s work-life balance.

Here are a few tools your company can use to improve employee retention.



One of the reasons for employee turnover is the lack of community among staff members. A non-cohesive team often stems from poor hiring decisions. The new person may not be a good fit for the job due to their personality or work experience, and interviews only show a candidate’s potential.

Another challenge is that the slow-moving onboarding process can deter top talent. It can take ​​42 days for some companies to hire a new employee.

Therefore, you want to use various technology within your hiring process. This speeds up recruitment and provides informative data from AI-powered tools. Some tools even source qualified talent. Also, use apps such as XOR, which has chatbots to automate screening processes.



Put employees’ skills to good use to keep them engaged. Staff members want to feel challenged and like they’re making real contributions. Workers are more productive completing projects they feel comfortable with. Also, growth opportunities can encourage them to stay for longer.

Use tech tools to increase employee motivation, such as setting benchmarks and goals. In addition, acknowledge when an employee succeeds at a task. Technology can help with these objectives. Tools like Lattice allow managers to establish performance benchmarks and track goals.



Turnover can come from employees feeling burned out or underappreciated. These emotions develop from poor relationships, lack of work-life balance, or no growth prospects. Ensure you’re checking up on your employees’ needs. One-on-one meetings can help gauge your workers’ feelings, and technology can streamline this process.

Use a Pulse Survey tool with preset questions that measure areas of engagement. A query such as “How happy are you at work?” can provide telling results. Detailed reporting can help you take action. If your employees aren’t satisfied, consider more team-bonding activities or growth opportunities. Other digital survey tools include TinyPulse and Qualtrics.



Miscommunication is a common issue in modern workplaces. The lack of clarity on tasks can lead to lowered employee satisfaction. Regular communication is also essential for workers to get feedback. Use programs like Slack or Teams to communicate more effectively throughout the day.

Messages provide workers with information quickly and they won’t miss critical updates. Often essential details can get lost within someone’s inbox. Plus, digital platforms allow for instant communication instead of back-and-forth emails. Efficient communication ensures everyone is on the same page.



Often it’s hard to be on-site due to everyone’s busy schedules. However, training sessions help employees learn new skills and feel confident. Technology can allow for more convenient virtual training.

Many systems offer e-learning programs so employees can work from their homes. You can also use simple video technology, such as Zoom, to hold annual sessions. Another benefit of these meetings is you can record them for future workers.



Businesses need dedicated workers to grow and succeed. Technology is a valuable tool for increasing employee retention, so consider these tools to help keep your team engaged.

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Written by Zac Amos

Zac is the Features Editor at ReHack where he covers areas like AI, cybersecurity, and other trending technology topics.

May 25, 2022

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