Techvera Flat Rate IT –
Security Stack Information

Leveraging a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge security solutions and a team of expert security analysts to provide maximum protection against advanced threats.

  • Managed SOC/SIEM and MXDR (Todyl) – MXDR services provide SMBs with a security operations center (SOC) manned by expert security analysts and smart SIEM tools that monitor and analyze all network and cloud traffic (such as M365, azure, Google, AWS), detecting and stopping threats in real-time before they cause damage. This comprehensive, managed detection and response solution helps keep businesses safe from cyber threats while minimizing risk and downtime.
  • DNS Filtering – (Todyl DNS) – A tool that helps keep your business safe online by blocking access to websites that might contain harmful content or be used for malicious purposes. It works like a filter on a water faucet, letting the good stuff through but keeping the bad stuff out.
  • Next Gen Antivirus (Todyl EDR) offers next-generation endpoint protection that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and stop advanced threats in real time, providing superior protection against a wide range of attacks.
  • Security Awareness Training / Phishing Protection (IronScales) – IronScales is a platform that provides AI-powered phishing protection and email security solutions for businesses. It uses machine learning to detect and remediate email-based threats in real-time, reducing the risk of successful phishing attacks and improving overall email security.
  • Email Spam Filtering (Proofpoint) – Proofpoint Essentials is a cloud-based email security solution that provides advanced threat protection against email-based attacks such as phishing, malware, and ransomware. It offers a comprehensive set of security features such as URL defense, attachment defense, and threat intelligence to keep businesses safe from email-based threats.
  • Email Backup & Archiving (Dropsuite) – DropSuite is a cloud-based backup and data protection platform that helps businesses protect their data and ensure business continuity in case of data loss or disaster. It offers automated backup, archiving, and recovery solutions for email, website, and server data, allowing businesses to easily recover from any data loss event.
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