How Today’s Technology Benefits Business

Technology and business have always gone hand in hand. As technology improves, it quickly becomes integrated into businesses and, in turn, more money is put into further advancements. Business tech in the modern era is no different in that sense. However, where modern technology sets itself apart is its ability to take matters into its own hands. Here’s what you need to know about the modern business tech landscape.



AI has long been fantasized about, and, while modern AI isn’t quite there yet, it has finally come to fruition in a truly advantageous way.

Various search engines like Google use artificial intelligence to give users more accurate search results, for example, by using the natural language processing and machine learning capabilities of AI. By implementing AI that can understand search queries holistically, rather than simply matching keywords, and by adapting to a given user’s unique habits, Google is able to help you find the results you’re looking for more often.

On the other end of the spectrum, AI is being used to enhance existing systems by automating them. With the advent of the smart office and augmented intelligence, AI makes business more effective and efficient.



The Internet of Things, or IoT, design philosophy has many things to offer to businesses. IoT devices are those that can be connected to Wi-Fi and then to each other in order to create a veritable network of devices. This allows users to create an office that features automation and remote control and remote monitoring, and this can boost the productivity of a company immensely. Automating these processes and otherwise reducing the presence of menial labor give businesses more time with which to focus on the job at hand without all of the distractions.

Specifically, AI is really adept at handling clerical work, and various organizational apps use this to great effect. A given program can automatically collect data, as well as process it. For example, payroll apps can keep track of the hours each employee has worked and automatically crunch the numbers in order to produce an accurate, up-to-date count for each employee’s wages.

The ability of AI to field a lot of the low skill clerical labor of a given company, with human oversight, has boundless applications, especially when you consider that many of these smart apps can interconnect and cooperate, allowing for many processes containing multiple steps and data sets to be conquered quickly with minimal human effort.



The goals of modern tech seem to revolve around using highly advanced technology to simplify various processes, and cloud computing shows that this goal can be achieved in myriad ways. Cloud storage in and of itself has become an indispensable tool among businesses and consumers alike by offering users the ability to store files remotely. This alone has tremendous potential and endless use cases.

However, cloud computing in earnest has single-handedly revolutionized networking and data processing. As a direct evolution of traditional networking, cloud computing sets itself apart in a few key ways. First and foremost, cloud computing opens the door to remote or mobile employees joining the network from virtually any location, because cloud computing, by its very nature, removes spatial restraints, and it does so without sacrificing security. On the contrary, the remote nature of cloud computing and cloud storage alike typically increases security overall.

More importantly, cloud computing is best exemplified by its most unique feature, the ability to pool the computational resources of each device on the network. This allows a network to function like a supercomputer, and this has become integral to the modern big data infrastructure, because it allows data processing to occur more quickly and without any tangible strain on behalf of any single machine, allowing data analysis and the regular workload to transpire simultaneously.


The relationship between commerce and technology has always been a mutually beneficial one, but today’s technology creates an unparalleled number of incentives for businesses to adopt the latest and greatest.


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Written by Mikkie Mills


March 12, 2021

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