How to Choose a Good Antivirus Program

Malware attacks have been on the rise in recent years, with most companies and institutions suffering greatly from the attacks. Malware is of various types and categories and includes viruses, worms, Trojans, hybrids, and ransomware. A virus infects files whereas ransomware is associated with the attackers locking out or blocking an institution or individual from their systems or access to very useful personal data.

An antivirus, which is also known as antimalware, is employed in the prevention, detection, and removal of malware. You can easily get antivirus online by downloading the most trusted and most effective antimalware application from the internet, as this antimalware app can help you safeguard your most precious data from being corrupted or destroyed. When choosing an antivirus, it can be difficult to know the one that will serve your needs satisfactorily. There are numerous elements that must be taken into consideration while choosing a prime antivirus solution to serve your needs.

Your personal data, financial transactions, plus digital identity are at risk without the presence of a good antivirus solution. Hence, it is vital to carry out a proper assessment of every antivirus product before you can completely rely on it. Given the extent to which you use the internet, it is vital to consider antivirus solutions that consist of internet security software, which serves to protect your online activities and render them safe at all times. In choosing an antivirus solution, you can use the following criteria to aid you in selecting the best antivirus.



Always ensure that the antivirus that you pick is compatible with other software present and running on your PC. An antivirus solution that conflicts with the additional software will not be able to function as required and needed. Most times the conflict may result in the malfunctioning of the antivirus. Hence, you are rendered susceptible to virus and malware attacks when you cannot count on an antivirus solution to provide you with round-the-clock protection against virus and malware attacks.



An antivirus solution should be usable by any online user. A usable antivirus is one that is easy to operate and has no major limitations that can prevent the user from utilizing it. Therefore, if an antivirus solution requires a user to possess unique skills and experience to use it, then it is not good, as it is highly impractical to most online users who barely understand most computer-related terms.

Also, if an antivirus requires you to give answers to specific questions, or needs you to make some very complex decisions, then its usage is highly likely to bring about difficulties and cause errors. Other times, running antivirus software may seem difficult. Hence, if you find that the antivirus solution you have is becoming stressful to use, consider disabling it and getting another.



The protection from an antivirus within your computer system should be comprehensive. It should provide regular protection for every computer domain, every file type, plus every network component, which could be vulnerable to a virus or malware attack. The antivirus malware should have the ability to spot malicious codes and safeguarding all avenues or entry channels to the computer, such as emails, FTP, plus the internet.

Hence, ensure that the antivirus you opt for to safeguard your computer systems plus data is comprehensive. Picking an antivirus that is selective in providing the protection would render you vulnerable to virus or malware attacks.



An antivirus solution should provide quality protection at all times. Given the constant change and development of malware and viruses, the antivirus solution you choose should have the ability to still detect and provide protection against such malware.

A quality antivirus solution must be effective in detecting malware plus viruses, must update regularly as many times as possible, and must have the capability of eliminating any malware plus virus infections. Also, quality antimalware should be efficient in protecting your computer, without necessarily impacting negatively on a computer’s performance. An antivirus that slows down a computer or interferes with the performance of other applications within a computer is not quality.



Hopefully, this is helpful in picking the best antivirus for your needs. Consider the reliability, usability, protection quality, plus comprehensive guard you stand to gain from an antivirus solution before settling on it. Failure to keep the above elements in check may render you vulnerable to malware or virus attacks. Hence, the best antivirus for you should be reliable, usable, comprehensive, and quality. anything short of these is a liability to you and may end up costing you more in the long run.


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Written by Jason Dunlap


March 20, 2021

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