Data Processing – Start With These 5 Areas to Boost Your Business

Data, data collection, and data analysis are three of the most prominent and essential terms associated with modern marketing. Data, when obtained and utilized properly, serves as a key to unlocking more informed and effective marketing strategies, and that leads to a bigger profit margin.

Therefore, the modern business must prioritize the handling of data in order to get ahead of the competition, let alone stay competitive.

Here’s what you need to know about running a business with data in the digital age.



Social media is a cornerstone of modern marketing, and it also has a close-knit relationship with data.

Social media marketing is a major priority for modern businesses because of the staggering audience of various social media platforms, among other things, but social media also provides an immense amount of freely available data. There’s so much data available via social networking that it puts data analysts to the test, often requiring the use of natural language processing in order to automate the interpretation of social media posts in a timely manner.

Social media also enables immediate feedback on posts, which can greatly increase the speed of gathering and implementing feedback into your marketing techniques.

All of this makes social media data collection an essential method of staying informed in the modern age.



The trends at play in the business world have a lot to tell you about your own business. Having some insight into the business strategies that are working or failing for other companies can help you chart a course to success, even in choppy waters in many cases.

Likewise, investigating the histories of various successful companies can help you navigate through your own endeavors, and the same can be said of failed business endeavors. By staying on top of history and current events, you will be exposed to proven strategies, pitfalls to avoid, and potential opportunities for profitable innovation.

While much of data consists of numbers that require extensive contextualization in order to be impactful, observing trends can be just as valuable.



Data needs to be understood to be of any value, and extensive data points consisting largely of numbers can be difficult to parse. However, there are solutions to these problems that any business needs in order to succeed.

Data analysis depends on software and expertise, meaning that investing in data analysis is a must. Hiring an experienced data analyst is essential, as is the proper software and processing power.

Computing and interpreting data is the key to informed marketing, and the costs associated with it pay for themselves.



Cloud computing is taking over the business world because it can drastically improve the efficiency of businesses. It does so by sharing files and computational assets, meaning that all devices on a private cloud can access a central pool of resources needed for any task.

This is particularly pertinent when it comes to the storing and analysis of data. Data storage is one of the more pressing issues in the modern age, but cloud storage is an ample solution.

Simultaneously, the ability of devices connected via the cloud to cooperate on resource-heavy calculations leads to more efficient and less demanding data processing.



Data analysis is also complicated by disorganized data, meaning that accurate and clean record keeping is an essential part of the process in order to ensure accurate and actionable results.

This means that great care needs to be taken to structure your data sets effectively using spreadsheets or Excel documents. Failing to do creates complications during the processing of data, and that skews the results in such a way as to render them unactionable.

That being said, there’s no way to know that this has happened after the fact, making it all the more important that your records and process meet the above criteria.


Data provides businesses with mathematical answers to many questions, and that makes data a powerful asset and a valuable commodity. Using these tips, you’re on your way to collecting, analyzing, and acting upon data effectively in order to turn data points into profits.

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Written by Mikkie Mills


August 24, 2020

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