Custom Technology & Outsourced IT Support for Business Owners

Growth, security, reliability, time savings, scalability, and improved ROI

“We know we can rely on Techvera to get the job done better than we even expect. These guys think of things to proactively address before we realize that there might be an issue.”

Fon Doster

Doster Law Firm

How Can Outsourced IT Help Your Business?


Operational Efficiency

The modern business is dependent on technology. When critical programs and devices aren’t working, operations quickly come to a halt. This isn’t acceptable for a busy, growing company. These troubles become a thing of the past through proactive technology management.


It only takes a few minutes for your entire business to be compromised in a cyberattack. Industry-leading security protects every layer of your business and its data to prevent breaches + lost revenue, time, and client trust.

Goal Progress & Collaboration

It’s common for your responsibilities as a business owner to pile up and become overwhelming. We’re your partner for all the ups and downs. Whatever your goals are, we’ll help guide you in achieving them. For problems that arise, we’ll help you overcome them. We don’t want to be just “your IT people”. Our mission is to help create long-term success for your business.


Imagine everyone in your office having the tools and information they need, when they need them, from anywhere they happen to be. The right technology makes it effortless for you and your team to stay on track, productive, in sync, and accurate.


It’s rare for a business to stay exactly the same throughout the years. As time goes on, you’ll need the technology and processes you use to scale up or down along with your company. This can get costly and inconvenient to handle yourself. With a managed technology partner, you’ll always have exactly the right tools and equipment for your needs.

Time & Vendor Management

As a business owner, you know your time is valuable and limited. Trying to find someone to fix problems (or even doing it yourself) wastes hours that could be spent helping your clients and building the company. We give you back time to focus only on the work you went into business to do!

Owning a business is tough.
Let’s make it a little easier.


As a business owner, you’re busy, and don’t have time to deal with vendors, inefficient processes, or technology issues. Reliability is paramount – you can’t afford for your business to be unavailable to current and potential customers for any length of time.

You’re focused on your company’s growth, operations, and long-term success and don’t want to be bogged down in the minute, everyday details. Outsourcing your technology allows you to never have to deal with vendors or other unnecessary IT time wasters again, along with having technology that easily scales up or down along with the company, detecting and preventing issues that would affect operations, consulting and guidance on future business goals, and a smooth transition to a new IT provider if needed.

Dove Creek Animal Hospital

“Before flat rate IT, we would try everything we could to fix a problem and everyone in the building would be frustrated. After switching, we just pick up our phones and press the Techvera button to speak with the help desk immediately. Or we can put in a service ticket from any workstation and include a screenshot of any error or virus message we may see. You being able to remote in and fix most problems within minutes is priceless to us.

Flat rate IT was attractive because I knew it would elevate our service. Our phones are now VOIP that were installed by Techvera and our Frontier bill was cut in half. Reese and Justin and all the staff at Techvera are so helpful and friendly. If they can’t fix something over the remote they are in our office so quickly. I’m so glad I made the decision to go to this level of service.”

Dr. Lori Hill
Dove Creek Animal Hospital