9 Business Must-Haves for an Efficient Work From Home Setup

Maximize your productivity with these home office essentials. You’ll need them to set up a comfortable and efficient office.



Working from home comes with a bucketful of benefits. First of all, you have nobody looking over your shoulder hence you become a lot more productive.

  •         Be your own boss. You have the freedom to do what you want.
  •         You don’t have to commute to work.
  •         You have more control over how you set up your workplace.
  •         You do not have a dress code.
  •         You have fewer distractions.

This guide will help you set up a high-quality office environment in your home. Remember to involve your family in the setup so that they know how to respect your working area.

Once you’ve decided where you want to build your office, the next step is to create an itemized checklist, starting from the most essential item to the least. Let’s look at some gadgets and tools to boost your productivity and comfort when working in your home.



1) Desk or a table

For a home office desk, you can custom make a table or counter depending on your office space. If you can’t set up a permanent workspace, get a folding table that you can set up each day.

If you work mostly with printed documents, you might need extra space to work on and place your printers.

2) Computer

The type of computer you will require will depend on the kind of work you do or company requirements. Here is a short list of specifications to look for when you’re shopping for a computer, whether it’s Dell, HP, or Apple:

  •         Generally a screen size between 20”-30”
  •         Size of hard drive
  •         Processor speed
  •         RAM size and upgrade capabilities
  •         Supports Wi-Fi and cable connections

3) Comfortable and ergonomic office chair

Invest in a good-quality office chair that encourages motion rather than forcing you to hold a pose. This is where you will spend most of your time when you’re in the office. So, it’s important to get the best one so it can boost your productivity.

Here are some tips to consider when shopping for one:

  •         Has adjustable arms
  •         Has the ability to tilt
  •         Has the ability to switch sitting preference
  •         Has lumbar support

4) High-speed internet connection

Internet access is essential if you’re working from home. It is the key to get things done such as blogging, online meetings, banking online, researching, and much more. Whether you are a consultant, blogger, or entrepreneur, you will need good internet services.

There’s nothing worse than a dropping connection. Get reliable, quality, and high-speed WiFi from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to always keep the connection. Read here for some tips to make the internet faster.

5) Multipurpose printer machine

Having a printer at your home office will come in handy. Although it might not be essential to everyone, it will save you a lot of trips to the local printer shop on many occasions if you use one regularly.

Look for a multipurpose printer. It is an added bonus if it can scan, photocopy, and print. Here are the features to look for when buying one.

  •         Twin trays for speedy output
  •         Wireless printing
  •         LCD touch screen

6) Bookshelf

Getting a bookshelf is a good idea because it will help organize your books, folders, and notes. This will save space as books will no longer be scattered.

Choose a spot where you will mount your bookshelves. The shelves could even be custom made depending on the office room.

You can design and decorate your shelves according to your office preferences.

7) Quality lighting system

If your job requires a lot of video recording in the office space, you need to invest in a quality lighting system because your home’s natural sunlight can vary depending on the time of the day.

Proper lighting will make your work easier and will also reduce the chance of injuries and incidents at your home office.

8) Headset with microphone

You will absolutely need a pair of headphones plus a microphone. While working in your office, you will need to do regular video calls with fellow colleagues or remote teams and this is where a headset will become handy.

When shopping for one, make sure that they are highly insulated to block outside noise.

9) Notebook and pens

My last home office essentials are crucial. You will likely often need to take short notes or write down your to-do list for the next day’s activities with a notebook and a pen.

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Written by Dusan Stanar


February 14, 2021

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