7 Best Work From Home Tips From People Who Do It Successfully

In today’s modern world, remote work is no longer considered extraordinary or unusual. Whether you’re working as a freelancer or your company simply encourages remote work, you are a part of a growing group of people whose office is wherever their laptop is. While working from home comes with huge benefits, it can be challenging if it’s not done according to work from home best practices.

If you’re already working from home or you’re considering doing it, this article will help you learn how to do it properly. We’ve asked some top professionals who work remotely to share their best work from home tips on how to do it like an expert.

Let’s take a closer look at what they said.



The space we work in can have a major influence on our focus and productivity. If we don’t create a work environment for ourselves, we might end up blocking our own work potential.

And, since working from home doesn’t require sitting in an actual office, remote workers might easily end up facing this problem.

This is why people that work from home highly recommend that you set up a home office as one of the top priority work home balance tips.

Just choose the quietest part of your home, set up a desk, and place all of your necessary equipment there.

A home office will help you:

  • feel motivated
  • work harder
  • stay focused and productive

If you start working at your couch, your bed, or your kitchen table, you might start hating your home real soon.



While working from home offers you the flexibility to set your own work hours, it’s not all fun and games when you look at the big picture.

“The truth is, we work better when we set a clear working schedule and impose it on ourselves. Otherwise, too much flexibility can lead to low productivity, poor results, and a lot of wasted time,” says Marie Fincher, head of content at Trust My Paper and Grab My Essay.

So, make sure that you:

  • organize each workday
  • set up your work hours
  • take necessary breaks
  • respect your schedule

This will boost your productivity and help you meet deadlines with no trouble.



The one thing most people don’t take into account when starting to work remotely is the rest of the family.

When you’re a work-at-home mom, or you live with a partner, roommates, or your parents, it can be tricky to stay professional. They might find it hard to understand you’re at work when you’re sitting in the next room.

This is why you have to set clear rules. Ask them to:

  • respect your work hours
  • stay quiet
  • not bother you

Come up with a deal that works for everyone, or else you’ll end up frustrated.



When you’re working remotely, you’re not nearly as exposed to your coworkers or your superiors as people with regular job posts are.

However, you need to communicate with them regularly. Here’s what you need:

  • regular feedback from your superiors
  • consistent evaluation of the work done in stages
  • open communication about decision making

Kristin Savage, a blogger and contributing writer at Best Essay Education and Studicus, agrees: “Maintaining a steady communication with everyone involved in the project is crucial. You don’t want to spend days working on a project, only to find out you’ve made a mistake three days ago and need to start over.”

Insist on a regular, steady communication flow with the people you need to hear from.



When you’re working from home, you’re all alone in your home office with no colleagues to distract you. You get to make all the calls and trust only your instincts.

But, is this always a good thing?

Most people working from home admit they often need:

  • a professional opinion from a colleague
  • a discussion about a project
  • exchange of creative ideas
  • to discuss useful tools

Luckily, it’s easy to stay connected to your colleagues and experts in your industry. You can use team collaboration tools and social media to have them close to you even if you’re miles away.



Taking a break is essential for everyone working longer than a couple of hours. If you have a set work schedule, as we covered above, you also need to include quality breaks.

But, why do we emphasize the word quality?

It’s not really a break if you go from your home office to your couch and lay there for half an hour.

A break needs to be more productive. Here’s what the experts suggest:

  • leave your home
  • take a walk
  • sit in the park
  • meet up with a friend
  • walk your dog
  • do a quick exercise session
  • eat something nutritious

Make it as creative, active, and versatile as possible. This will help you truly clear your mind and get ready to continue working efficiently.



Every remote worker anywhere has spent at least one working day sitting at their desk in their PJs. While this might be an exception, it should never be the rule.

If you get used to working in your ordinary “at-home” clothes, you’ll lose your professional drive and motivation.

To work past this, professionals suggest that you:

  • take a shower, brush your teeth, and spend time getting ready for work
  • change from your regular clothes to your work clothes
  • do your hair or even put on some makeup

This will be a signal to your brain that it’s time to get professional and start work at your full capacity.



Working from home does come with numerous benefits such as a comfortable workspace, flexible hours, and no need for traveling. But, if you don’t organize your workday properly, you could end up losing your professional drive or performing poorly.

Take some work from home tips from people who successfully handle working from home. Follow the tips listed above and you’ll produce great results as a remote worker.

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Written by Diana Nadim

Diana is a writer and editor with a Masters degree in marketing. She combines her passion for writing with her interest in research to create thought-provoking content in various fields. Diana also does some editing work at WowGrade and SupremeDissertations.

May 1, 2020

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