6 Technologies That Can Do Your Work for You

Automation is an important tool for improving productivity, efficiency, and accuracy in the workplace. Here are six technologies that can do your work for you.



Programs such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and terraform software all help you automate the management of various workflows and aspects of your organization.

Management software is an important tool in your technological toolbox because it allows you to ensure more cohesive computing infrastructures and workflows, stay on top of customer relationships, resource needs, and project timelines and manage code in your software more efficiently and with fewer mistakes.



AI and machine learning algorithms may be thought of by employees as dangers to their livelihoods and potential competitors in the job market, but in reality, these programs are more likely to supplement the work employees do and help make workflows and processes run more efficiently and smoothly.

These programs can learn to perform various repetitive tasks automatically, freeing employees to devote more time to creative and complex work. They can also quickly collect and parse data to perform predictive analytics, insights, and predictive modeling for use in future projects and development.



IoT refers to the interconnectivity of smart devices via the internet. IoT allows various devices, such as computers, mobile devices, cars, security systems, and virtual assistants to exchange information and data without the need for human intervention, via internet connectivity.

This means employees won’t necessarily need to manually transfer data from one device to another. Instead, people can access the data from one central or main collection point and sort through it for what they need there.



Likely the most well-known and well-understood tool that is capable of doing your work for you is process automation. This technology can come in many forms, from the early industrial innovation of the conveyor belt to the more modern and widely varied software offerings that can perform all manner of tasks independently of human intervention.

Many organizations now use chatbots to automate parts of the customer service chain, answering simple queries and transferring users to customer service agents for more complex issues. Most cybersecurity and accounting software is able to run automatically, and as a result, these programs can run more efficiently, catch more mistakes and provide plenty of data for predictive analytics.



Like most of the technologies on this list, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) software enable you to work more efficiently and accurately. These programs are most commonly utilized in the healthcare and manufacturing industries, where safety is paramount and the work can be particularly granular.

VR and AR can be used to assist in training surgeons in delicate operations, such as brain surgery. They can also be used to help chemists and engineers perform intricate work with high precision and accuracy.



Cloud computing infrastructures and their related services are meant more to supplement and assist users than to automate all or part of a specific process. You can host your programs, applications, and data storage in the cloud, which makes it easier for employees to access tools they need to work from anywhere.

Leveraging cloud-native computing, where programs and applications are developed specifically to be used in the cloud rather than being migrated there from on-premise options, can also help your systems integrate more smoothly and be upgraded or customized much more quickly and smoothly.


With tools automating and augmenting your workflows to improve their speeds and streamline their processes, you can get products out to customers more quickly and easily. Technologies that can do your work for you aren’t necessarily going to take over your employees’ jobs, but they will make it easier for employees to do their jobs with fewer mistakes and allow them to devote more time to more complex and creative work.

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Written by Mikkie Mills


September 15, 2021

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