5 Ways to Drive More Online Traffic to Your Business

Attracting traffic to your website is the key to increasing conversions and boosting your revenue. It is not surprising then that today most businesses allocate a certain budget for search promotion. Therefore, this article will occupy an important place in your browser bookmarks as we talk about the five most valuable ways to attract traffic to your pages on social networks, your website, or your blog. Moreover, we will talk about both paid traffic and free methods.



1) Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is an effective strategy that, when done well, allows you to get a rapid increase in traffic and an influx of interested customers and buyers. The largest part of all traffic to almost any site comes from search engines. Therefore, advertisements in search engines should be a priority.

However, search engine promotion is not the only opportunity. Apart from that, you can use other channels. Some of them even allow you to avoid high competition for keywords.

This can be important because every year the competition in the network is growing, and occupying high positions is becoming extremely difficult. According to a leading SEO Sydney company Safari, the popularity of search engine optimization services has gone up significantly over the last three years as Google Ads prices have gone up by more than 214%. The more popular a search term is, the higher the advertising cost will be. Many businesses can’t afford to pay upwards of $20 per click on their advertisement.

Before you start doing anything, you should examine and record the current state of your website. The best choice would be Google Analytics – a system that provides a ton of opportunities for collecting and analyzing data on traffic, keywords, user behavior, and conversions.

You should remember that SEO only works when there are backlinks in place. It is necessary to check the link mass and use only those links that have a high Page Rank – an indicator of the credibility of the page. There are plenty of online services where you can buy real backlinks.

In order not to use low-level links, implement such methods as guest blogging, sponsorship, interviews with experts, or article marketing (website promotion articles) on your website. This will help attract free traffic. Also, register your site in paid and free directories.

So here’s what you need to concentrate on:

  • A combination of words that best suit the category in which you work, and match the popularity and product that you represent. Low-quality keywords are no less effective than high-quality ones. Include them in your work, too.
  • Include meta tags on each page, title, and description, and headings (H1-H4).
  • Site map setup.

2) Guest blogging

Guest blogging is the publication of your post on third-party sites. When used effectively, this strategy becomes a powerful channel for attracting users and expanding the audience. For guest blogging to work, you need to find high-quality and popular sites in your thematic niche and agree with the owners on cooperation. These can be popular bloggers, opinion leaders’ sites, information sites, services, and so on.

Guest blogging allows you to attract traffic, improve the image of the company, find a new audience, and increase brand awareness. Among other things, guest blogging provides a slight advantage for SEO, since in the process there are links to a promoted website involved, and if these links are placed on authoritative resources, this will positively affect the ratings.

The difficulties that have to be faced are the overall complexity of the task and the sometimes high cost of posting your materials on third-party resources.

3) Social networks

Social networks are still a growing market for business. You can use them in different ways depending on your needs.

Companies usually use social networks to improve their image, build a brand, and communicate with potential customers, as well as to communicate with regular customers.

Social networks build their ranking algorithms in such a way as to encourage companies to pay for advertising and actively use the news feed. Because of this, you’ll often find greater success if you’re able to spend some money on ads, although it isn’t a strict requirement.

Here’s how you can increase the traffic with social networks:

  • Develop groups, earn subscribers, and attract users from social networks to the website.
  • Make announcements of engaging posts from the site in your own network and thematic public places.
  • Promote yourself on the social networks where your target audience is the most active. If the most involved subscribers come from Instagram or Facebook, put effort into the development of groups in these social networks.
  • For business areas where visual content plays a large role, Instagram is suitable.
  • Actively participate in thematic community discussions. You can unobtrusively advertise your site, product, or offer to subscribe to a group, and give recommendations. If you are active, new users will come even sooner than you think.

4) Email newsletters

Email newsletters are a traditional channel for attracting traffic and potential customers, which has been used for a very long time. The advantage of mailing is mainly a relatively low cost. For a small amount of money, you can make a very good newsletter for a large number of potential customers and buyers.

Email marketing can be effective if you provide a well-composed meaningful series. And you should analyze the results with A/B testing.

What you should avoid in the email newsletter in order not to get into spam:

  • Do not send newsletters to people who have not opted-in.
  • Do not remove the unsubscribe function from the newsletter.
  • Do not send messages too often and without a good reason.
  • Do not sell in every letter, give the audience useful and interesting materials – links to articles, podcasts, e-books, checklists.

5) Blogging

Each company or brand should have a blog. What are the necessary components for correct and efficient blogging?

  • Set a goal and stick to it. Your task is to invent and implement the content that you want to read. And then – share with a friend and save in bookmarks.
  • Record and use the keywords that will become the basis of your article.
  • Organize comments and reposts in a convenient way for the reader.
  • Keep in touch with your audience and answer questions/comments posted on your website or blog.



Attracting traffic to any of your web platforms is a rather time-consuming process. It requires a lot of effort and creativity to get a great final product. We advise you to combine several methods to achieve maximum results.

However, do not try all methods at once, since all of them require careful development and continuous improvement. As soon as you complete one of the ways and it is successful, you can start another to improve results.

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Written by Marie Barnes

Marie Barnes is a writer for GearYoda. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs.

July 7, 2020

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