5 Cool New Tech Products

Top-class business influencers boast the adoption of innovative and useful tech products that support business operations. The latest tech products range from robots and luxury TVs to versatile laptops and flying cars.

Some tech devices are still in the testing stages but have potentially life-transforming abilities in this digital era. Tech companies are dependable in releasing new tools and gadgets with diverse capabilities from time to time. This post discusses five interesting new technologies released in the market.



Insta360 Go 2 is a portable action camera with incredible features such as improved video and photo capabilities and a larger sensor. It also has an amazing case to add controls and an extra battery.

If you are considering starting a tech business, it is important to bear in mind the convenience and the cost of devices you want to sell. If you are dealing with cameras, consider whether it is portable enough. The Insta360 Go 2 is designed for people who desire to capture the POV look cost-effectively and on the go.

With Go 2, you can shoot slowly up to 120 fps and it has a high capacity and a hyper-lapse mode. It can also capture 9MP photos and record videos with high resolution and advanced format. The camera has a storage capacity of 32GB.

The tech experts for a thesis writing service appreciate that Insta 360 Go 2 also captures photos, audio, and video internally to its onboard storage. A companion app can transfer the Go 2 videos as long as there is a smartphone connection. The charging case provides the means of connecting the camera to a smartphone for the automatic transfer of photos and videos. The case has USB connectors and lighting features for Android and iOS phones.



Abode Cam 2 is a small smart security camera that is suitable for domestic use. The market price of this device is just $35, and it is currently competing with Wyze Cam v3 and the Blink Mini.

Abode Cam 2 has standard features you could be looking for in a camera including two-way talk, night vision, motion detection, and powerful recording capabilities. It integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The Abode company offers subscribers a cheaper option to integrate a complete security system in their homes.  An Abode security system is not a requirement for you to use the Cam 2 camera. However, if you have it, it will automatically integrate with your system.

You can place it outside or inside your house and it cannot be destroyed by occasional snowstorms or rain. Abode Cam 2 comes with a starlight sensor to bring night vision in full color, letting you see all the happenings in dark areas.

Reviews mention that using Abode Cam 2 camera is free with no initial subscriptions. You can view live videos and access motion alerts directly on your smartphone. However, the smart detect functionality requires you to sign up under a selected company’s monitoring plans.



Sonos Roam is a small and portable speaker that was released towards the end of the year 2019. The price of the speaker ranges between $169 and $399. With this speaker, you can take amazing sound everywhere and enjoy voice control, music, as well as multiroom home usage on WiFi.

You can also take advantage of Sonos Roam’s Bluetooth streaming, waterproof durability, and full-day battery life. Other benefits of this device include:

  • Incredible sound. The acoustics in the Sonos Roam speaker is engineered with a lot of precision to deliver depth and clarity of sound as would be delivered by larger speakers.
  • Self-tuning capabilities. The speaker has an automatic “Trueplay” to adapt to the surroundings and anything you could be listening to for perfectly balanced sound.
  • Redefined design. The tool has a thoughtful and slim form to blend well into your home and enhance portability.
  • All-round great look. When placed vertically, Roam boasts a minimal footprint. Additionally, its triangular shape makes it easy to fit well into a corner.



Microsoft Surface Duo is a two-screen phone that promotes flexibility and productivity in its usage. This device comes with advanced software and integrates services such as Outlook, Word, and OneNote into Google’s Android. In addition to its unique and foldable design, the device comes with two OLED displays. The device uses surface innovation featuring excellent Microsoft 365, phone call capabilities, an Android app in the Google play store, and so on.

Reviews mention that the dual-screen apps are enhanced and you can use one screen for typing as you view your work on the other. During the launch, the user experience was jagged but issues have since been fixed.

The Surface line of this phone is engineered for excellent folding displays. The phone is capable of performing tasks effectively, although it has not fulfilled all the basics of a typical phone, in addition to its cost being high. The battery life is long and its hardware design is meticulous. It has the capability of operating two apps at the same time.



Fitbit Ace 3 is a fitness tracking device designed for children aged six years and above. It can track body movement, activities, and sleep and therefore help children to develop healthy fitness routines. The Fitbit Ace makes exercise goals among children fun and easier to achieve.

Ace 3 features a battery with a life of up to eight days, blue/green and black/red color options, and a large screen. It tracks steps and time when a child is active and lets you know how every step contributes to a healthy lifestyle. It comes with fin incentives such as personalization, virtual badges, personalized avatars, and clock faces.

Fitbit Ace 3 includes sleep tracking to allow you to know whether your child is getting the right amount of sleep for the energy level. A Fitbit app is available to enable children and parents to schedule silent alarms and sleep reminders that can wake the wearer up gently with a quiet buzz. This fitness device has a waterproofing ability of up to 50 meters and so it can be used in any weather.



Technological innovations continue to take shape to meet the expectations of individuals and businesses. Innovation comes with improved efficiency and effectiveness but it involves heavy initial outlay. However, some technology comes with lower price tags but diverse and improved features. When selecting devices or tools to buy, focus on whether that device can give you the services you desire and whether it is worth buying.

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Written by Charlie Svensson


June 6, 2021

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