5 Best Cybersecurity Tips For Data-Centric Businesses In 2021

With the rapid change in technology and the emergence of big data, firms are relying on data to drive their businesses more than ever. The amount of data generated and stored is growing at an exponential pace. Additionally, customers want direct access to this data through analytics tools and self-service portals. So, just imagine the importance of security for most organizations, especially data-centric ones. A simple mistake or hack can have a huge cost.



This concept is not a new one. In data-centric businesses, its functions are planned around information, and data is considered the main asset that pushes both ongoing operations and innovation for the future.

Data-centric companies have a mindset that reflects the organization’s actions and priorities and their paradigm usually is built on a few core values:

  • As it is an organizational asset, data belongs to everyone in the firm
  • Everybody from top-down promotes a data mindset
  • The main priority is data quality
  • Setting KPIs are critical to success
  • 4 Ps: Platforms, Processes, People, Partners

The Winterberry Group published their annual report “The Data-Centric Organization 2020” and discovered that 90.1% of firms are extremely focused on achieving data centricity within their organizations. And during the last few years, many companies committed to data and recognized it as an asset that encompasses the entire business.

As a perfect example, Nike in 2008 shifted to a new marketing approach and as a result of becoming a data-centric business, sales grew more than 70%. What did they do? According to what their data was saying, rather than split their audience by geography, they did so by the sports they played, so runners had more in common with other runners, regardless of their geography, the football players with other football players, and so on. Later they created other successful campaigns based on their data and are still doing that. Nike is real proof that data efforts can pay off.

And one of the most essential points for data-driven companies – from small to huge – is cybersecurity. There are growing threats that businesses need to be aware of, many of which take place within their own walls. Now not only government agencies and large corporations are the victims of a data violation.

So, we have prepared a list of five tips that will help your data-centric business in 2021. Use our best practices to keep your data safe.



Unfortunately, not every company is as active as it should be when it comes to modernizing its software. So, instead of using various tools to keep your security strong and reliable, use one software that brings everything together to make it more manageable and update it regularly. Weak protection will increase the chance of hacking your data. It is important to avoid all possible risks.



Lots of businesses have been working fully or partially from home for months now, and we don’t know how it will be through 2021. That is why a clear policy is essential for keeping your data safe. Each employee should be aware of his or her security responsibilities, especially if your workers have access to important data from their personal computers or laptops. They should know what information is strictly confidential and what could be shared.



Your security policy also should describe the process of how to safely log in to your systems. You can set up multi-factor authentication. It could be a second password, a fingerprint or facial identification, or an access chip the employee must submit. Whatever it is, it gives an additional level of security that is important for sensitive information. It will be enough to prevent many attacks before they become a real issue that could cost you money and reputation.



Be prepared before a possible attack or data breach by possible situations testing. It is vital to see what weaknesses your company may have, so it is a great idea to create some simulations of attacks. They will help you create the most effective scenarios of actions that should be performed in those cases and discover the weaknesses in your business. Try to predict all risks and be prepared for all negative situations in your business.



Depending on your needs and number of employees, you should have a person or a full team that will be responsible for data security. If your firm does not have a committed IT expert who can help boost security protocols and maintain a vigilant stance against threats, now is the time to bring one aboard. This specialist will be always relevant as your data should always be safe. So, create a trustworthy team or hire a strong specialist and your information will be protected.

First of all, you should be sure of your people. Even when your employees mean well, it is hard to avoid human error. Your employees should be trained and informed. Provide them with complete, clear information, and make sure that they have everything to minimize possible mistakes. Experiment with the format of the information that you share with them. It could be training, interactive videos, or even communication emails with useful guest blog posts, which you can prepare with reliable guest posting services like Adsy with writers in cybersecurity field support.


Corporations in 2021 must take a more data-driven methodology than ever before. This involves utilizing big data for marketing, optimizing finances, and addressing countless other purposes.

Prioritize your cybersecurity. Implement all necessary actions to your network and cybersecurity program for your company. It’s better to be overprotected, and nothing is worse than having to react to a hacking situation.

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Written by Nancy Howard

Nancy P. Howard has been working as a journalist at an online magazine in London for two years. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, IT and marketing.

January 17, 2021

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