5 Best Cloud Backup Solutions For Small Businesses

In the digitalized world, losing your data can have devastating effects on your business. This is because business operations rely on important data. If you are unable to save this data, your business might suffer losses as your customers may not be able to receive quality customer care.

To prevent the loss of data, it is important to integrate cloud backup solutions with your system. Cloud backup solutions provide business owners peace of mind while they run their other operations smoothly.

Several companies are providing cloud backup solutions to small businesses, but there are only a few that provide reliable solutions, and you don’t have to compromise on quality as well. We have listed the five best cloud backup solutions for small businesses that provide quality, reliability, and are cost-effective too.



If you are looking for a cloud solution plan that is both simple to use and reliable, then Carbonite is the perfect option for you. The plan provides users with unlimited storage so that you can back up large amounts of data without a second thought! However, the option to avail unlimited storage is only for one computer. If you have multiple computers, then you might need to buy additional storage.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about continuously backing up your files as the cloud backup will automatically do it for you, unless you want to do it manually, then there is an option for that too. The continuous backup option will only backup the new files or those whose bandwidth has already been reduced. Opting for the continuous backup option also puts less strain on your internet connection.

With Carbonite, you don’t have to worry about security either. The system offers complete encryption of your files along with an encryption key, which will give you the ability to store all data with only one click! The biggest plus of this cloud backup system is that you don’t have to worry about day-to-day file backups, that too at an affordable price!



Acronis offers a huge range of benefits for its users, but they come with a big price tag. The cloud backup solution is great for safe and secure online storage, but it does not provide unlimited storage. However, you can purchase up to 5 TB of backup space. Acronis will give you multiple plans from which to choose. You can either choose to add files to your storage plan manually, or you may choose to back up everything automatically.

With the option to back up everything, you might face a storage issue, but then again, you can choose the option to backup only files of a certain type and let go of others, which are not important. The good thing about Acronis is that it can acquire data from different servers such as Windows, Linux, VMware, and directly from PCs as well.

Acronis promises its customers data security; they do this through 256-bit AES encryption. Bear in mind, though, that working with Acronis, you will need to commit to a 3-year agreement.



By now, you have probably understood that it is hard to buy a plan that is both affordable and offers good features. There is a tradeoff between the two attributes, but it doesn’t need to be a bad one. This brings us to our next backup solution known as OpenDrive, which provides 500 GB of data storage capacity at a great price.

For a small domesticated business like carpet cleaning Guildford, you might not need more data storage than that unless you are expanding to different cities. OpenDrive has a big disadvantage, though; you can only backup one file or folder at a time. However, it does offer a continuous backup ability, which is a big plus!

You can also opt for either private encryption or managed ones. You can also choose which file type you need to back up in the continuous backing system. Moreover, OpenDrive lets you store up to 99 versions of the same file, and even the deleted files can be kept in the system for 90 days.



With a simple and user-friendly interface and unlimited storage options, BlackBlaze is easily one of the greatest cloud solution options for small businesses. You can choose the kind of backup solution you want, i.e., choose between manual and automatic backup.

BackBlaze helps in data decryption. Also, if you wish to locate stolen data, then their customer service representatives will help you recover your data and deliver the hard drive with the located data if required.

This might come across as a hassle since you need to get in touch with the company if you need to recover data, and it is not in your hands. Other than this drawback, BlackBlaze is an excellent and affordable option for small businesses.



SpiderOak offers its users up to 5 TB of storage. Unlike some of the other backup solutions we discussed, SpiderOak does not offer unlimited backup. Another drawback is that you will need to manually tag each file and folder that you need to tag. This makes the entire process extremely time-consuming and resource-extensively as well. However, you can opt for scheduled backups, which will save you time.

From a security perspective, SpiderOak takes the cake as it provides one-sided encryption, which keeps your data safe from any external cyberattacks. The client interface might take some time for you to get used to. Overall, SpiderOak is a decent package if you don’t mind the unlimited storage issue.



We have listed some of the most popular cloud backup solution options above. However, choosing the right one depends on your business structure and the operation within your company. Therefore, before you choose one for your business, make sure that it is well-suited to your business needs and fulfills all the requirements. Only then you should take your team on board and provide them with the necessary training so that they become adept at the features of the software at hand.


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Written by Shaheryar Sadiq

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December 2, 2020

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