4 Types of Technology Your Sales Team Needs

With the proliferation of technology in every sector of life, it’s no surprise that it has become an indispensable tool in business. This fact holds no matter what industry you are in.

If you’re on a sales team or leading one, it’s essential to keep up with the best tools for sales teams. There are many types available, and each kind has several brands from which to choose. Here is a look at three of the categories of sales tools your team can harness to make your job more thorough, efficient, and productive.



If you are unable or prefer not to attend training sessions in person, you still have options. Virtual learning platforms for sales professionals are now widely available. Whether your team is based out of a local office or scattered around the country, staff members can log on to a training session and learn something new or brush up on their skills.

Sales managers can take the virtual learning tools to their optimum level by using them as one component of sales training. In other words, virtual learning shouldn’t be a “hands-off” type of tool. Rather than assigning the activity, completing it, and forgetting about it, managers and staff can use it as a collaborative vehicle, applying training topics as springboards for conversation:

  • Who among our staff can use this training session?
  • What skills can we learn?
  • When will they be applied?
  • How will this lesson impact our staff?

Sales personnel can use the training with manager feedback to get the most out of their virtual learning sessions.



Sales professionals are no longer required to make a sales call or attend a meeting in person. Video conferencing is now inexpensive and widely available. Some customers may prefer to use this method of communication. It also allows sales staff to reach locations that may have been cost-prohibitive in the past.

The advantages of video conferencing are many. Communicating with customers nonverbally through facial expressions and body language gives sales staff an advantage they don’t have with a phone call or email. Picking up on nonverbal cues can help professionals understand their customers’ needs more thoroughly and enable them to offer the right products.

When using video conferencing, it’s important to remember that a virtual meeting may not be the best option for all customers. Some may respond better to an in-person visit. Sales staff can stay in tune with what each customer needs and choose communication accordingly.



CRM software is prevalent among many sales teams. It allows sales professionals to handle all their interactions with potential and current customers. There are many components to CRM software. A few critical facets are:

  • Customer demographics
  • Customer social media activity
  • Order history
  • Order status
  • Service issues
  • Marketing campaign management

An advantage to customer relationship management software is that you can use it across departments. Your supply chain management, accounting, marketing, and customer service teams can access information stored in the CRM system. Having data available in a central location can help your company avoid miscommunicating, doing the same tasks twice, or overlooking an essential step in customer support.



It’s nearly impossible to overstate the importance of social media in promoting your business. Most of your customers are probably engaged on multiple platforms, and they obtain product and service information through these channels. Sales experts can communicate directly with customers through social media through messaging. Your department can also work with marketing professionals to create eye-catching campaigns that your customers notice and respond to.


While there’s no replacing the benefits of face-to-face communication with customers, technology has made it possible for sales teams to reach out in ways they were once unable to do. It’s essential to find out what your customers respond to the best. Your group can also benefit from the efficiency CRM software provides, making everyone’s jobs a little easier. As you explore the sales tools available, you will most likely find an excellent fit for your team.

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Written by Mikkie Mills


October 1, 2021

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