3 Tips for Getting Online Reviews and Building Customer Trust

Making a positive impression on potential customers is something you should view as a priority. Modern consumers have more options than ever before when it comes to where they can shop. Positive online reviews are one of the best tools you have when trying to show potential customers how reputable and trustworthy your business is. A recent study found that 91% of online consumers claimed they trusted the information found in both the negative and positive reviews a company has.

One of your main goals needs to be getting online reviews from customers. While this may sound like a relatively easy task, it is often anything but. The following are some of the things you can do to make getting online reviews easier.



When trying to build your trove of online reviews, you need to figure out the right time to ask customers. In most cases, you want to ask for these reviews immediately after a person invests in your products/services. Sending out an email thanking a customer for their business is customary in the world of online business.

However, if you want to take the effectiveness of these emails to the next level, you need to ask for a positive review. Including a link in the email that takes the consumer to a page where they can leave this review is a good idea.

With this follow-up email, you can show a new customer your business is adamant about making sure they are happy with the service they receive. Including information about leaving a positive review will allow you to grow the amount of positive press your business has online.



Most people are bombarded with messages from businesses on a regular basis. Making sure the messages you send to customers are both informative and engaging is important. If the main goal of a particular message is to encourage a customer to leave a positive review, you need to offer them some motivation. One of the best ways to motivate a person to leave a positive review is by providing them with a special reward.

This reward can come in the form of a discount on their next purchase or a free product. If you have a customer loyalty program, you can also give a person a certain number of points for their positive review. Just be sure that you aren’t breaking any laws in your area by incentivizing good reviews, and that you aren’t punishing negative reviewers. Customers should always be encouraged to leave honest feedback. However, you can oftentimes mitigate bad public reviews by encouraging unhappy clients to come to you first to see if the situation can be remedied. Ironing out your review strategy will require some A/B testing and lots of hard work.

However, once you perfect your approach, getting great reviews will be a breeze. Adequately managing reviews and posting them on your website’s homepage is essential when trying to provide consumers with social proof.



The average consumer has a very short attention span. Finding ways to make leaving positive reviews easy for a customer is crucial. If a customer has to go to a number of different pages to leave this review, they will probably abandon this process in a hurry.

Each time a person makes a purchase on your website, you need to have a link where they can go and leave a review of their buying experience. You need to make sure this link is visible and that the review process is quick. By making the review process easy, you can acquire more of these digital endorsements.



Getting consumers on board with leaving positive reviews about your brand will be difficult. Instead of getting deterred and giving up when a consumer rejects your request, be persistent. This persistence will pay off in the future.

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Written by Wendy Dessler


April 22, 2020

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