3 Businesses That Successfully Incorporated New Technologies

It is no secret in the world of today that a business that does not utilize available technology to a certain degree will simply not be as successful as it could be. Thus, it is increasingly rare for any company to not do their research and implement neat processes for whatever their product is.

Some businesses, more so than others, take this call to a whole other level! These types of businesses are run by revolutionary humans who utilize their creativity and intelligence to incorporate new technologies into their products or services in a way that changes the game forever.

Here are three examples of revolutionary technological incorporation!



Young Living Essential Oils is a company that sells high-quality essential oils. This widely successful business was founded by D Gary Young, a man with a vision for how much better essential oils could be than they were.

Essential oils have had a long history in this world of being used in religious ceremonies, as medicine, and more. The first records of essential oil usage come from India, Egypt, and Persia thousands of years ago. As they grew in popularity and the European continent began to explore outward towards Asia, the usage of this miracle spread like wildfire and became commonplace in Western culture as well.

In today’s world, people tend to doubt the healing and calming abilities of essential oils. The Youngs sought out the best technologies from the home nations of essential oil usage as they built their company that is so widely popular today. After learning as much as he possibly could, Gary Young set about to create the famous Young Living’s Seed To Seal process, which is now a proprietary technology incorporated into the creation of the essential oils.

Not only did this company take advantage of ancient technology and merge it with new technology to create a brilliant process, but they also decided to use the technology of human interaction and make their company a direct sales business. For many different reasons, they have set new standards within their industry.



Practically everyone knows who Steve Jobs was. He is most well known for starting his technology company in a garage and ended up creating a company that was as revolutionary as it was widespread. To this day, even though Steve Jobs has passed away, the company continues to do what they have always done best.

Apple started out as a computer company that rapidly gained speed for doing things differently than any other computer company. They were constantly either creating or applying new technological breakthroughs to their products, always focusing on the user experience.

Apple, in recent years, has spearheaded some absolutely life-changing technological advancements with their famous products such as the iPod, the iPhone, Air Pods, and their ever-evolving line of MacBook computers.

One of the best examples of this company incorporating new technologies is the creation of that MacBook computer, wherein Apple started the revolution of easily transportable, lightweight computers that functioned as well as desktops did but were lightweight and easy to carry. It is safe to say that this technological incorporation alone changed the world forever.



Netflix’s story of technological incorporation changed how we view media content forever. They started out by utilizing current technologies to bring television shows and movies to their customers with ease. They started an easy-to-use website where subscribers would pay a monthly fee and would be able to order via physical mail their favorite shows or movies, watch them, then send them back via mail.

Over time, new online tech allowed them to truly reach their potential as a company. They slowly but surely changed their service from that of renting content to being a full-on streaming service company that also began to successfully create their own content, thus making them into an evergreen streaming service. They were so successful in this that their company’s name is now commonplace in everyday lingo!

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Written by Mikkie Mills


December 3, 2021

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