Strategy, Consulting & IT Project Management Services

technology is simply better when it’s made with your business in mind.

Save time with our assistance in designing and implementing custom technology to reach your goals. Our bespoke solutions enhance efficiency, save money, and make operations streamlined – all without the headaches that typically accompany a new business IT project.

request an it project management and strategy consultation for your business

Guidance and Support

Design a successful project with support, advice, and a custom plan using the knowledge and experience of project management and business strategy veterans. Do you want to gain insight into your operations with new software? Refresh old computers and IT infrastructure? Boost your cybersecurity efforts? Whatever your goal, we’ll help you discover how current and planned technology affects your bottom line, with our team of experts guiding you every step of the way.

Avoid Pitfalls and Delays

The new technology your business needs, minus the downtime and hurdles you don’t. Simplify implementation and experience true efficiency, without the headaches that can happen when you attempt IT project management yourself. We’ve seen too many cases of wasted executive time, company revenue, and human resources! Avoid these common pitfalls and save your time for what matters most.


Achieve Your Goals

We can help find solutions that complement and support your specific goals. Discover how to use technology to save money, automate processes, and streamline operations in every department.


Gain a Team of Tech and Business Experts

Take advantage of a full team of technicians and IT project managers to research, build, implement, and support your new technology. We’re here with support for your current IT team if you have one, or a fully outsourced IT department if you don’t.



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Maximize business results and stay competitive with the latest technology.

You have a vision and a goal you want to reach, but maybe you don’t know how to get there. There are so many options, and it’s hard to know where to start.

Our team of industry veterans has the knowledge and experience you need to succeed in your project. We have decades of combined experience working on projects just like yours, so we understand how important this is for your company’s bottom line. You could spend countless hours researching new software, hardware, or technology services all by yourself. Or you could save time and headaches by taking advantage of our expertise right from the start.

With a Techvera project manager as your guide you’ll get everything set up smoothly without stress or downtime – because that would defeat the purpose!

We can provide hands-on expertise in all areas of information technology – from cloud computing and infrastructure management to application development and user experience design. Our IT project management consultants are experienced professionals who will work closely with your organization for a smooth transition that saves time, money, and headaches along the way.

Our goal is simple – help companies get their IT projects off on the right foot using current technology that complements their goals and vision for success in today’s marketplace.

Ready to change your business?

“Unlike most break/fix computer companies Techvera is a true MSP (Managed Service Provider). Techvera planned, engineered, and maintains all of my company’s business information technology. They provide customized solutions and have a very knowledgeable tech support team. I highly recommend them.”

Ristevski & Associates

Frequently Asked Questions About Strategy, Consulting & IT Project Management Services


What is IT project management?

IT project management is the mix of people, process, and technology. It’s a way of managing projects that involve information technology so they are delivered on time, within budget, and with the required quality.

Sometimes it may require expertise outside your company to get things done correctly, to scope out risks up front, or understand what could happen if certain changes were made down the line.


What are the benefits of outsourcing IT projects?

A third party can take on all or part of the project, allowing your company to continue its business as usual. Many times, projects are never started or remain incomplete because the team gets pulled away to handle other job duties. This can be avoided with the help of an outsourced IT project management company.

They generally will have more expertise in common IT project areas like cloud services or digital transformation. Their knowledge will allow your business to complete its project successfully and utilizing tools and technology you may not have known about otherwise.

Outsourcing IT projects can help your company’s bottom line by relieving the financial and human resource burden of managing resources, improving quality control.

It also helps in reducing risk with outside vendors who are experts in various industries. Outsourced services allow for scalability to work within deadlines without any additional costs if you have an increased workload at a later date.



What kinds of projects does Techvera help with and consult on?

We can help with just about anything technology related! Many of our project management clients come to us for help in their move from on-premise infrastructure to cloud, implementing Microsoft 365 across their organization, or in assessing and boosting their cybersecurity protections.

We’re happy to take the burden of a new project off your shoulders, or use our 200+ years combined technology experience to consult on your future plans. If it has to do with technology, we can help!



How do I know if it's time to bring in an outside project manager or consultant?

  • Your project continues to experience problems and you’re not able to solve them on your own.
  • The scope of work is too big for one person or team.
  • The project is more than a one-time effort.
  • You have limited staff resources to complete the work.
  • Your company lacks the required expertise or experience.
  • You want to know what the potential risks or future effects may be before starting the work.


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