What We Do


Transforming technology into the ultimate business asset.

Managed IT Support
» Grow, Simplify, Strategize, Succeed

Fully Managed, Outsourced IT Support

For a flat monthly rate, we’ll take over your IT needs and help you use technology to reach your unique goals.

Projects and Consulting
» Maximize ROI & Stay Competitive

Technology Projects & Consulting

We make complicated projects simple. Get the new technology your business needs, minus the downtime and hurdles you don’t.

Backup continuity disaster recovery
» Protect Your Data & Shield Your Business

Backup, Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Gain peace of mind that no matter the threat, your company will always be available to your clients.

Cloud & Mobility icon
» Secure Your Data & Work From Anywhere

Cloud & Mobility Solutions

Avoid costly hardware upgrades, enjoy unlimited scalability as your company grows, work and access your business from anywhere, and gain improved visibility into remote operations and work.

Streamlined Communications
» Enhance Efficiency & Collaboration

Streamlined Communications

Simplify how your team connects, finds information, and shares expertise to ensure strong communication between both staff and customers.

Business IT Support & Service
» Fix & Prevent Technology Issues

IT Support & Service

When IT problems are keeping you from completing work or putting your business at risk, you’ll want to contact a reliable, experienced service provider.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Ready to eliminate problems, streamline operations, and grow faster? Schedule a 15 minute call!

“We know we can rely on Techvera to get the job done better than we even expect. These guys think of things to proactively address before we realize that there might be an issue. When actual issues do arrive, they are available nearly 24/7 and they get it done right! Very impressive outfit.”

Fon Doster
Doster Law Group

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