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Frontier Waterproofing

“Didn’t stop til he figured out the issue, even though it was a very strange one-of-a-kind issue.”

“Fixed all my issues! I needed this fairly quickly, and it was done super quickly. Thanks!”

Haleigh Crider-Harrison – Business and Administrative Manager of Frontier Waterproofing

How Outsourced IT Services Support Managers & Assistants

Operational Efficiency

The modern business is dependent on technology. When critical programs and devices aren’t working, operations quickly come to a halt. This isn’t acceptable for a busy, growing company. These troubles become a thing of the past through proactive technology management.


Imagine everyone in your office having the tools and information they need, when they need them, from anywhere they happen to be (and without having to bug you about it!) Make it effortless for you and your team to stay on track, productive, in sync, and accurate with the right technology.


It only takes a few minutes for your entire business to be compromised in a cyberattack. Industry-leading security and monitoring protects every layer of your business and its data to prevent breaches + lost revenue, time, and client trust.

Time & Vendor Management

Helping manage an office means your time is both valuable and limited. Trying to find someone to fix problems (or even doing it yourself) wastes hours that could be spent helping your team and clients. Reclaim your time to focus on the work that’s productive and valuable to the company.

Customer & Team Satisfaction

When your coworkers and clients are happy, everything seems to run smoother! You have more time to spend on constructive projects, and the company can thrive with minimal headaches. The right technology and tools are key to enabling this. Cohesive communication, productivity, documentation, and management technology will support everyone’s happiness.

Preventing IT Issues

Of course, one of our biggest goals is to prevent IT problems before they ever happen! Far too often we’ve seen talented office managers or assistants become the designated computer person of the business, as you’re often the jack- or jill-of-all-trades. Being helpful is wonderful, but not when it takes you away from the important work you’re meant to do. We handle and prevent anything that comes up, giving you back your time and peace of mind that a technology problem won’t halt anyone’s day.

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