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American Flyers testimonial

“Love you all, so nice to have someone knowledgeable to call when there are tech issues–keep up the good work!!”

Heidi Fritz

Assistant Comptroller at American Flyers

How Can Outsourced IT Support Managers and Assistants?

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Supporting the needs of a business is tough.
Let’s make it a little easier.

Saying your workday is hectic would be an understatement. Trying to keep both customers and staff happy is a challenge with little room for error. Typically being the office jack-of-all-trades means you’re often called upon to handle things that are outside of your job description, including IT needs.

With your high + varied workload and laundry list of responsibilities, you’d like to be able to offload out-of-scope tasks and refocus on supporting your team. We can help by taking IT troubleshooting off your plate, empowering your team to be more productive and efficient, improving the reliability of your technology, performing staff training, and giving you better tools for your job.

Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly

Technology Consultant

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Equine Express testimonial

“The relationship that our family business has built with Techvera, is indescribable at this point. The amount of trust we have in them and their team to professionally and proficiently manage our computers, IT, and VoIP phones is everything our business depends on. Not to mention the resource that they are for helping us solve all tech related problems. I can without a doubt, recommend Techvera to any business looking for help with their technology!”

Amanda Alexander

Administrative Assistant, Equine Express

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