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Tired of doing everything yourself?

Listen, we get it. Solving your (or your co-workers) tech problems can be fulfilling. You’re helping yourself and others (win!) and it’s fun to learn new things until it’s not (and you’re running an independent managed IT services workload. Did you really want more work?).

A quick word to the wise: don’t be like Bob.

You’ve probably found yourself in this kind of scenario.

You start to fix a tech issue and you were figuring it out. You were learning a ton. It was interesting and fun! Yet, when you look at the clock five minutes later, you realize that FIVE HOURS has passed and you’re still knee-deep in coding guts. You have an important transaction to process before the end of the day, which, according to your calculations, leaves you one hour to complete a three-hour task. You squeak so loudly your co-workers think that Fievel just came back for another sequel and run to your office and slam the door.

You have a few not great options:

  1. You’re obviously into tech so you might consider putting in your two weeks and then apply to work with us on managed IT services. #techrules
  2. You can fake your own or a family member’s medical emergency.
  3. You can submit subpar work. You know the kind that normally takes 3 hours but you only spend an hour on it and pretend everything is “normal.”
  4. You can be honest with your boss and your client to the tune of numerous reprimands or threats of termination, depending on whether this is a regular occurrence. If it is, reread option number one. #techrules

In most of these cases, you’re gonna look bad and you’re probably gonna feel worse. Lying will never win you friends but the truth may cost you your job. This is what we call “dicey” in the managed IT services field. (Okay, that’s not true. See? Lying is so lame.)

Seriously though, how did you wind up in this catch-22 anyway? Cue the wtf-am-I-gonna-do soundtrack.

Really, we understand why you did it. We, too, love tech, helping others, and having fun. Triple win! Yet, if your primary role isn’t to shore up your company’s managed IT services, all your tech fixing and fun can quickly spiral out of control. It can even cost you your job (because you were trying to do the one you weren’t exactly hired to do and neglected the one you were). Sometimes the truth hurts.

Some good news! There is a solution to this rollercoaster ride. It’s possible to prevent these types of scenarios from happening ever again.

Really? How?

You sign up for managed IT services.

Here’s some more unsolicited advice (obviously there are some wise wizards among us tech geeks here), be honest, AND provide an attainable, sustainable solution to elucidate how and why this same situation will never ever happen again. (Just an FYI that Mark Twain wrote that last overly literary sentence. He tries…)

Managed IT services are especially helpful if you need tech expert assistance but don’t have the bandwidth, the budget, or the backup to hire in-house IT support staff. More people to manage? No thank you.

What’s even better is that with a managed IT service, you still get to help, learn, and have fun. It’s part of the relationship. Then, once the task outpaces your time and skill you bring in someone like us, your managed IT service team to find the yellow brick road, banish the wicked witch of the west, get the lion some courage and the tin man a heart so that you can be on your highly musical way again with your sidekick Toto and your band of likable misfits.

Simply put, you get to outsource the stress of running managed IT services yourself. Your blood pressure just dropped and you didn’t even have to meditate or run a marathon to get there. It’s true health insurance companies should subsidize our services because the health benefits are innumerable (please note this may or may not be true).

What’s not to love about this new, healthier, happier managed IT services scenario?

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So, why would you consider Techvera for your managed IT services?

    We’d like to share a little bit about us. When we say, “partner,” we mean partner. We see ourselves as more than your run of the mill managed IT services providers. Our role is to help you use your technology to uncover and support new opportunities for automation, efficiency, growth, collaboration, revenue, and much more.

    Technology can be more than just a “provider” service. With the right managed IT services partner, tech can be a growth driver. Your secret weapon that sets you apart from your competition.

    You might be wondering, what’s the difference between a managed IT service “partner” vs a “provider”?

    This is a great question. 

    A managed IT service “partner” does the following: 

    • Educates, enables, and empowers everyone in your organization to embrace technology like a friend instead of a foe
    • Creates a technology roadmap that fits and supports your objectives 
    • Uses the power of modern technology to help you achieve your technical and business goals
    • Offers assistance ’round the clock without asking for a salary, benefits, or time off
    • Changes the way your team perceives and interacts with technology, e.g. less frustration and more value
    • Gives you lasting peace of mind, no more downtime, last-minute breakdowns or repairs that cut into your work hours 
    • Less hassle, more hugs! (Ok, jk, no hugging the programmers, feed them, yes, but hugging, no)

    A managed IT service “provider” does the following: 

    • Lacks the ability (and motivation) to use technology to advance your organizational prowess and revenue 
    • Makes you feel uneasy or stupid when you ask questions to better understand and learn about your technology
    • Brags about how clueless their former clients were about technology, and then laughs haughtily in your ear
    • Are all death and gloom when it comes to cybersecurity, e.g. works in tech but would “never use said tech” to manage business and personal affairs
    • Only answers the phone when you need them about half of the time…
    • Can’t fix the problem till Tuesday unless you want to pay more…. (Why can tech only be fixed on Tuesdays? And why does it ALWAYS break on Mondays?)
    • Speaks in a monotone while eating Doritos and slurping Coke, as if you can’t hear it during the call…

    Woah. We feel a little slimy after that list. But we wanted to paint an accurate picture so it’s clear that there are managed IT “partners” and then, there are managed IT “providers.” 

    This is the most important question to ask yourself. At the end of the day, are you looking for a true partner, who will protect your assets and help build you up, or just another managed IT service provider pushing buttons till it’s time to play another round of Doom Eternal?

    We want you to succeed, which is why we built our company based on the type of managed IT service partner we’d hire. 

    Do you want to learn more? Then, please call us, fill out the form above, or send us a chat message. We’re ready to get started!

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