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Here’s the truth, at some point, your technology is going to break.

(that’s where IT support *should* come in handy – more about that later)

But, are you going to be a savvy business owner and plan ahead to minimize the disruption as much as possible, or are you going to just keep chugging along like an ostrich with your head in the sand until a tech crisis happens and kicks you in the hiney? (as gramma used to say)

Here’s the scenario: It’s 4:30 pm.

It’s only 30 minutes before your week-long winter holiday break begins. Your co-workers are winding down and doling out the candy and cards on their way out of the office. You smile at the bag of Hershey’s thrown on your desk by your cubby mate. You just finished your report. Yes, perfect timing.

It’s 4:45 pm and you look up from your computer and give them a thumb’s up as they walk out, laptop in hand. You begin the process of uploading it to the company intranet. You’re feeling good. Three months of work produced a lengthy but telling report that you know your boss will appreciate and will look very good for that promotion.

It’s 4:50 pm and you click upload, unwrap a bar of chocolate, pop it into your mouth and savor it for the few seconds it will take to upload your report. You think about all the treats your mom will be bringing over – the fresh cinnamon rolls, the roasted ham covered in a thick layer of peanut butter and brown sugar (don’t knock it till you try it). A warmness comes over you as you remember your family tradition of watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation followed by an after-hours poker game once the kids are in bed. You snap back to reality just in time to see that the file has stopped uploading. You click the send button again. Nothing happens. You stare for a few seconds and click again. Nothing. Then, you realize that nothing is happening because your computer froze.

ARGHGHGH! You try to open your force quit box. Instead, a frowny face shows up on your screen followed by the Grinch laughing heartily before your computer dies. Your mind hits panic mode. WTF just happened??? Then, all the lights in the office go out.

That last part wasn’t surprising as it was just a part of the new energy efficiency protocol put in place by headquarters a few weeks ago. You pull out your smartphone, turn your flashlight on and search frantically for a piece of paper with the IT support number on it.

It’s 4:55 pm and the paper isn’t on your desk. You search your cubby mate’s desk. Not there either. You have 5 minutes to get through to the IT support queue. You tear through the office, heading for the receptionist’s desk. You scan her desk. Nope. You start opening and rifling through drawers. Aha! There it is!

It’s 4:59 pm and you grab her desk phone and dial the number. The line picks up. YES! And then dumps you into the automated system. NOOO!!! You stab the zero digit over and over again. The shortcut no longer works to the refrain of, “You have selected an unavailable option. You have selected an unavailable option.” You randomly punch 5 and the line miraculously rings. An uncertain voice picks up, “Hello?” Is this a mistake? “Is this the such and such IT support line?”

Yes. You begin to breathe again in relief. Thank god! The next thing you hear is, “There is no god.” Click.

Nooooo!!!!! Have you ever heard of the French existentialist play, “Waiting for Godot?”

No? Well, you should because you’re living it every time you call an IT support provider.

The premise of the play is this: every day, the main character waits for Godot to come. But Godot never comes. Instead, a weird cacophony of other strange characters come by while the main character wonders if Godot will ever come so that he can get on with his life. Then, he starts to ponder what is the meaning of his life if Godot ultimately never comes? What’s the meaning of anything?

Seriously, who doesn’t have an existential crisis when their computer stops working and their IT support team can’t seem to fix it? So not only are you not to meet your boss’s deadline for your report. You can’t even get your IT support team on the line when you need them most. You’re going to have to work over the holiday, postpone or forgo the treats, the movies, and the poker and now, you’re questioning the meaning of a computer-less existence.

That sounds pretty painful, friend. BECAUSE IT IS.

How to get out of this dilemma? Or better yet, how to prevent this from even happening in the first place? Quick, but by no means easy, answer: outsource your IT support and services to an expert partner. Preferably one where a human will pick up after 5 pm without triggering your “tech support rage,” by dumping you into an automated system that is the antithesis of all things human. Yes, it’s a thing.

We’d like to be your IT support partner. We thrive on offering IT support and services to business owners. Though we can fix something that breaks in a pinch, we excel at setting up your tech to support your growth and your own excellence to your clients. Excellence in, excellence out. It’s a simple philosophy but it keeps us all content and productive year-round.

Are you looking to learn more about who we are at Techvera? Check out our YouTube channel. You’ll see how we work hard to prepare your technology to not only serve you better but to serve you optimally.

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So, why would you consider Techvera for IT support?

    We’d like to share a little bit about us. When we say, “partner,” we mean partner. We see ourselves as more than your run of the mill IT support providers. Our role is to help you use your technology to uncover and support new opportunities for automation, efficiency, growth, collaboration, revenue, and much more.

    Technology can be more than just a “provider” service. With the right IT support partner, tech can be a growth driver. Your secret weapon that sets you apart from your competition.

    You might be wondering, what’s the difference between an IT support “partner” vs a “provider”?

    This is a great question. 

    An IT support “partner” does the following: 

    • Educates, enables, and empowers everyone in your organization to embrace technology like a friend instead of a foe
    • Creates a technology roadmap that fits and supports your objectives 
    • Uses the power of modern technology to help you achieve your technical and business goals
    • Offers assistance ’round the clock without asking for a salary, benefits, or time off
    • Changes the way your team perceives and interacts with technology, e.g. less frustration and more value
    • Gives you lasting peace of mind, no more downtime, last-minute breakdowns or repairs that cut into your work hours 
    • Less hassle, more hugs! (Ok, jk, no hugging the technicians; feed them, yes, but hugging, no)

    An IT support “provider” does the following: 

    • Lacks the ability (and motivation) to use technology to advance your organizational prowess and revenue 
    • Makes you feel uneasy or stupid when you ask questions to better understand and learn about your technology
    • Brags about how clueless their former clients were about technology, and then laughs haughtily in your ear
    • Are all death and gloom when it comes to cybersecurity, e.g. works in tech but would “never use said tech” to manage business and personal affairs
    • Only answers the phone when you need them about half of the time…
    • Can’t fix the problem till Tuesday unless you want to pay more…. (Why can tech only be fixed on Tuesdays? And why does it ALWAYS break on Mondays?)
    • Speaks in a monotone while eating Doritos and slurping Coke, as if you can’t hear it during the call…

    Woah. We feel a little slimy after that list. But we wanted to paint an accurate picture so it’s clear that there are IT support “partners” and then, there are IT support “providers.” 

    This is the most important question to ask yourself. At the end of the day, are you looking for a true partner, who will protect your assets and help build you up, or just another IT support provider watching the time until they can turn off their phone the second 5 o’clock hits?

    We want you to succeed, which is why we built our company based on the type of IT support partner we’d hire. 

    Do you want to learn more? Then, please call us, fill out the form above, or send us a chat message. We’re ready to get started!

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