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What’s your ideal type of customer service? You might say that it depends on what the service is for.

If it’s for a kids’ bouncy house, you’d probably be looking for easy to decipher instructions that focus on safety and set up so that all the parents can stand around and have their first adult conversation in a month while simultaneously boozing it up and taking cute pics.

If it’s city trash removal, you’re probably looking for efficient, seamless service that doesn’t have you tripping over trash bags and rats all over the street like they do in Europe and er…New York…No thank you, sirs and mesdames.

If it’s IT services, ideally you’d want a Mr. Rogers type, complete with the sweater-loafers combo, empathetic, and educational demeanor who can essentially “hold your hand” while you walk through the complex and bizarre world of data transmission, hardware, software, malware, and more. It’s like the game, Montezuma’s Revenge, out there!

IT services should be many things – understandable, accessible, timely, helpful, friendly, and have a sense of humor.

IT services should not be like this – a frustrating exercise in trying to mix wet concrete with mud during a rainstorm to create a DIY facsimile statue of David to impress your new Art Historian love interest. Though dang, if you succeed at this, please send us pics as we’d be IMPRESSED.

Though seriously, all of your creative juices and problem-solving should remain on your tasks at hand – your job and your clients, not impressing a bunch of tech geeks like us. (Though we have been throwing around the idea of creating a tech-based Olympics for our own edification. More on that later.)

In a nutshell, IT services should make your job easier, happier, with less sour lemonade and more pillowy pastry puffs from the fancy bakery down the street. (It should be obvious that we’re really into food by now.)

To get down to the IT services business, with all the workers switching to remote work, a number of issues are cropping up as teleworkers cut corners including decreased security, password resets, VPN problems and video call fails.

In the beginning, most clients were lenient and understood these challenges that impacted the quality of service they were receiving. However, these same clients are becoming less and less patient as time goes on, their stress goes up, and their need for reliable IT services and support increases.

How do you plan on supporting your clients during this time? How about going forward?

Hopefully, it includes an effective, high performing IT service and support partner. IT services can uncover and support new opportunities for automation, efficiency, growth, collaboration, revenue, and much more, including:

♦ Unlimited IT services and technology management included under one flat, predictable monthly rate

♦ Regularly scheduled maintenance, monitoring, and upgrades of all technology and software

♦ A dedicated adviser who will design and implement a custom plan to help you achieve your business goals – operational, financial, and strategic

♦ 24/7/365 IT services, support, and guidance via our team of in-house experts

What this means for you:

♦ No more wasting time trying to fix technical issues, waiting on your repair guy to show up, or dealing with unexpected bills

♦ Reliable computers, software, and devices that don’t break and leave you hanging during critical moments

♦ A technology roadmap that fits and supports your objectives – whether you dream of streamlining operations and workflow, improving customer service and retention, protecting against cyberattacks, increasing profits, or all of the above!

♦ A full lineup of technology veterans at your disposal to support your current IT technician, handle high-level projects and needs or become your dedicated IT department

We hear time and time again from our clients that transitioning their employees to remote work and keeping business operating, as usual, has been challenging. We were thrilled they reached out for our help during this time. These are the situations we live to help our clients creatively solve to achieve positive outcomes.

In some instances, such as our client, Doster Law Group, being able to seamlessly keep their employees working from home enabled them to retain their clients, which saved jobs, which saved the company.

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So, what are the basic service offerings you can expect from an IT support company?

  1. They must be able to fix your computer and other tech issues when you need to use it like it’s the Indy 500 and you’re in a heated race to the finish. If they can’t pit crew for you, they’re not worth the money.
  2. They explain how tech works using everyday, real people words. When they drop a new word, they explain what that word means because they love working in tech and solving problems, not because it fills the time until it’s time to go home.
  3. They care about helping you meet your tech and company growth goals. They must understand that great technology works hand in hand with great growth. 

However, a true tech partner does more than just provide IT services. They aid you in attaining your goals and creating more wealth. 

They give you the apple pie you originally asked for, not just a bucket full of apples with a note that reads, “peeler not included.”

At least, that’s the perspective we take. We’re not satisfied until all your apples have been transformed into gorgeous puffs of exquisite pastry by French chefs trained in Paris. These are the Queen’s French pastries we’re talking about here. 

What we’re saying is we love technology, like the Queen loves her French pastries, her tiny dogs, those wicked librarian crew neck sweaters and more than likely, the fuzzy black hats the guards wear. (By the Queen’s standards, England is obviously the pleasure capital of the world…)

Our point is this: technology is awesome but you’ll need a true tech partner to keep it awesome. 

That’s where we come in, even after 5 pm. 

Our service offerings are all that and more. 

We offer:

So, if you’re looking for more than your standard fare of subpar IT service offerings, call us or fill out the form above. We’re here 24/7.

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IT services
  • Data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning
  • Technology projects and consulting
  • Cloud services, setup, and troubleshooting
  • VoIP and phone service
  • Malware, virus, and ransomware removal and prevention
  • Server updates, installation, and support
  • Network troubleshooting, upgrades, maintenance
  • Operating system installation and troubleshooting
  • Workstation setup, updates, and repair
  • Hardware and software installation, troubleshooting, and updates
  • Email setup and troubleshooting
  • User support and training
  • Internet troubleshooting and setup
  • Office relocation